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Testers are not required in the project! Is this true?

Testers are not required

Even though testers add quality to the application, we quite often hear this statement Testers are not required in our project. What are the different excuses usually given, as to why testers are not required in the project? Is it really true? Let’s see ahead in this article.Read More…

Usability Testing for Mobile Application

Beginners Mobile Testing
Usability Testing

Usability Testing for Mobile Application is all about validating the user interaction with the mobile application and ensuring the great user experience of it. This means, mobile application should be easy to learn, easy to use, user-friendly, and less time consuming while operating. Again, the usability of mobile application depends on various factors: screen size, screen resolution, processing capabilities, etc. Since it is all about testing the sensitivity and comfort for the users of the application, it has to be normally performed by manual testers.Read More…

Game Testing – Factors to Know

Game Testing, test games, games test, games qa

There was a time when playing the game was not so popular. But nowadays when both children and adults prefer to spend time on playing games online, in this scenario we cannot be just dependent on the development of the game application without worrying too much on the quality of the game application. Seeing the increasing use of games, now we need to focus on quality and for this, meant to be Game Testing, we need to do rigorous testing and undergo many processes of software development lifecycle to develop the game application such as planning, development, testing and final delivery.Read More…

Freelancing: IT Industry’s powerful trend

Freelancing, Freelance, Freelance tester

Normally we hear the word freelancing or freelancer in the non-IT field but in the recent past (precisely from 2014) we could see a lot of freelancers emerged in the IT industry, especially in testing/ QA, serving clients globally, connecting from one end of the world to the other. You might think this work style is a world away from your current 9-5 office job; however, it’s actually a lot closer than you might think. Here it is to understand what freelancing is all about.Read More…

Adhoc Testing- An Informal Testing Approach

Types of Testing
Adhoc Testing

Adhoc testing is an informal testing type, done with an aim to break the system. This testing is generally an unplanned and undocumented activity and is applied to early scientific experimental studies. It does not follow any type of test design techniques and thus does not require any test cases for performing the testing. The test is intended to be executed only once unless a defect is discovered. It is primarily performed if the knowledge of the tester is very high. It is a form of Black Box testing or behavioral testing. Read More…

How children can help us become better Testers

Software testing is the art of ensuring the quality of a software application by unveiling vulnerabilities and detecting loopholes present in the system. To test an application, us testers normally refer the requirement document to verify whether the application adheres to the requirements. But while detecting loopholes, testers perform negative testing and resort to any and all means to break the application by performing different actions on the application. Another way of putting it is, testers need to stop playing by the rules and perform gorilla testing to find any underlying issues. Read More…

Mobile Device Testing in Compliance with Application

Beginners Mobile Testing
Mobile Device Testing Types

Although we mainly run the applications on the mobile device, it is very much important to know what all has to be tested on a mobile device. Mobile device testing usually happens in the organization’s laboratory and is not very much exposed to the real world. Mobile device testing is conducted to assess the quality of the mobile device both in terms of hardware and software. Hence, it is very much important for the testers to know what the different mobile device testing types are. In this article, we will go through the list of testing activities that have to be performed for Mobile Device Testing Types in support of any application.Read More…

Tight deadlines and Last-minute Testing

last-minute testing

In today’s article, we will discuss some points a testing team / QA / tester can adopt for the last-minute testing or when there is not enough time to perform the complete testing activity. 

As per the software development lifecycle rule, the development and testing ratio is 60 / 40. If you are an experienced tester / QA you must have faced the last-minute testing situation in which the development team takes more time than the estimated timeline. Or you are engaged in so many project meetings that your time dedicated for testing is compromised and just for the sake of meeting the client’s deadline the testers do exploratory testing or execute only the main business scenarios that should work in that particular release.Read More…

Functional Testing for Mobile Application

Beginners Mobile Testing
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For any application, be it the web application, desktop application, or mobile application, Functional Testing are conducted as the basic activity, to ensure, that the application meets all the specified requirements and serves the user needs. Talking about Mobile Application Functional Testing, it holds good for all different types of mobile applications, be it Android or iOS: Native App, Mobile Web, and Hybrid App. Conducting Functional Testing for Mobile Application is the fundamental activity to be performed in order to assess that each and every feature in the application is responsive and working as expected.Read More…

Security Testing by Manual Testers?

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What we all need at the end of the day? I mean most people want in life is Security. Why is security important in anyone’s life? This is because when you feel secure you are happy, comfortable and focus on things which you really want to achieve in life. So just think about the end user of your website from this point of view. How it will impact on your site audience if they don’t feel secure with your site and what if they know they are not secure enough to do what they supposed to do on the site. This is where security testing comes into account. And Yes, manual testers too can perform security testing to an extent.Read More…