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10 Reason Why Software Testing is Boring

April 26, 2017
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Software Testing is a backbone of Software Industry. Its role is to make sure the software don’t have any bugs in software. There is a huge difference between the mindset of tester and developer which makes a tester to find the issue is build which develop are not able to identify. A quality of a product is highly compromised when tester interest is low and will directly affect his capabilities of testing. In this blog, we will be identifying some main reasons why testers get bored in their work.

Some points may not be applicable to some because it depends upon human nature.

Revision of Automation Scripts

Today agile is ruling the Software development process. Which states product life cycle to be broken into a small sprint. Agile says after each sprint adds more features i.e. incremental approach plus also client feedbacks of build shared in the earlier sprint.
As there is always feedbacks (improvements) from the client and hence automation scripts need to be adjusted for new requirements, therefore testers become bored of releasing version of automation script, boredom exists because of activities creating new scripts and updating old scripts because of requirement changes.


If you are in software testing than the documentation increases as your experience level increases. Documentation is not restricted to one-time activity but daily for one or other tasks.
Please check below areas where documentation is required which often makes testing job tiring and boring.

  • Test Plan
  • Test Strategy
  • Test Specification
  • Release Mail & documentation
  • Daily status report
  • Weekly automation reports
  • Bug details
  • Documents
  • Traceability Matrix

Low Salary Package

There is always is a myth that software testers earn less than developers. The statement is completely wrong. In the software industry, everyone is paid as per his/her knowledge. We have many examples where testers are earning more than developers even both are having same experience level. The difference is because of only one reason KNOWLEDGE. Software Testers usually stick to manual testing and not learning new technologies will definitely have low package hike compared to others. Hence they get boredom feeling because of their low packages when they compare with fellow developers or testers.

Job Acknowledgement

Each human is different from another. Some managements doesn’t give proper acknowledgment to testers and their task. Normally seen is small companies where they hire trainee and expect them to do software testing. This behavior by companies makes testers to feel that their job is not recognized, as neither proper session nor training are conducted for them.

Conflicts with Developers

Every client wants to get maximum for what he is paying. Similarly, companies want to get the maximum from their developers and testers, thus the result is huge pressure on them which arises to conflicts. It is one of the reasons, more reason making tester to lose interest in job includes:

  • Developers think testers are showcasing their weakness of coding.
  • Requirements are not clear among team.
  • Not enough time given to testers i.e. testing time was taken by dev team.
  • The difference between experience level.

Testing is not Primary Job Opportunity

Some persons don’t want to do be a tester still they land as the software tester, which makes them boring to do testing activities. 2 main reasons how they become software tester are:

  • Nowadays there is tough competition is every field in the software industry. Fresher’s coming out of college are giving interview daily so they can get into software industry and secure their future. Mostly fresher are high in energy as they just completed college and wants to be in development. But some may have limited knowledge or the opportunity is not available, companies offer them software tester job. However, they join but it’s not where they want to be and achieve.
  • Big MNC’s hire bulk of students from college. After joining companies some companies follow an intensive training program and some at a small level. But sometimes assign of technologies to them is random. Resulting software tester job is assigned to someone who doesn’t want to be.

Stick to Repetitive Task

It happens sometimes tester is stick to big project where his roles and responsibilities are defined. He needs to perform those activities daily where the scope of learning new tools and technologies is less. Neither his project is changed so he can get an experience of the different domain. Sticking with the same profile and repetitive task makes him lose interest in his work.

Job Opportunities

When someone is looking out for a job change or even made his mind that he won’t continue with this current company than it has been observed person tends to lose interest in his current job. He feels there is no reason to put unnecessary efforts as he would be soon leaving the job. There can be much reason why a person is looking out for a job change.

  • Hike in salary package
  • Job reallocation
  • Job Role
  • Company Brand name
  • Friend, Relatives & Family reasons.
  • Technology
  • Onsite opportunities

Competition among Colleagues

Let’s explain this with help of below scenario. In a project, there are three testers of role Senior QA and one QA Lead. Now considering the situation Teal lead resigns and it is not possible for the company to find his replacement and train someone. So Project Manager allocates major task done by lead to any selected Senior QA. Now here comes a situation where other two Senior QA may lose interest in a job. Because one of below reasons:

  • Our work wasn’t recognized by Manager
  • Manager supports his favorite
  • The person given responsibility because he was an old employee, knowledge was not considered.

Eagerness to Learn

If a person wants to learn any new tools or automation, but his project doesn’t work on it. Then he loses interest because he thinks about his personal growth.

Wrong Selection

Sometimes there is the wrong section done by companies HR, and as a result, its outcomes is boredom of Testers. Considering an example where HR was told that requirement for two automation testers 5+ years of experience as they are building their capability and soon will get a project. Sadly company could not win any project and now there are 2 ways for hired testers either they do layoff or consume in existing manual testing project. Normal companies indulge them in an existing project and as a result automation testers start losing interest as it was not the profile they were hired for. Also, job switching is not the way for them because quick job switching will decrease their resume credibility. Hence the quality of work by them decreases.

If you have faced any other reasons getting bored than sharing them is comments. We would be incorporating points in our next blog i.e. How to make Software Testing Fun and remove Boredom.

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