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About Us

We help Software Testers meet any challenges with Skill, Confidence and Success.

Welcome to Helping Testers – We are a global online course training platform designed to cater for the software testing community by providing software testers with high quality, well taught online courses and video tutorials designed to improve their skills and expertise in Software Testing.

Wherever you are in the world, we can help you develop and deepen your understanding of Software Testing and empower you with skills to succeed and excel in the Software Testing Industry.

Online Courses and Training Services We Provide:

We provide the following world-class online courses and training services globally:

  • Software Testing Courses: We provide the following rigorous and industry applicable courses in a flexible online format: Web Vulnerability & Penetration Testing, Selenium Automation Testing, Selenium Webdriver Training, Selenium Appium Testing, Hadoop Training on Big Data, and much more. View our Courses.
  • Software Testing Information Resources: The Software Testing Industry is evolving at a fast pace, existing solutions become obsolete as new solutions are being adopted at a fast pace. Helping Testers will keep you updated with current information about software testing in an easy to read and understand format.
  • Online Corporate TrainingsAre you a software company/organization with tester employees? We can partner with your company or organization to offer specialized testing courses at subsidized prices.
  • Consultation Services: We offer consultations involving provision of objective, practical and actionable advice on a wide range of software testing topics and fields to help you solve emerging issues your business may face.

Whether you are seeking a new skill, looking to improve your current software testing skills or begin a new software testing business, we can help provide you with the knowledge, skills and technical know-how to become valuable and competitive in the software testing industry.

Let us help you start a bright new career and future, today!

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Our tutoring services on software testing courses online offer information on a wide variety of courses, ranging from Web Security and Software Testing courses to selenium online training to Mobile Automation Testing. Whatever criterion you need help with concerning advanced technological functions and operations, we’ve got you covered. We also use real world examples and scenarios for solving examples and projects, enhancing your knowledge and broadening your horizon.