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Difference between Test Plan and Test Strategy

December 25, 2016
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Test plan and test strategy are used by almost every QA team to plan and document their QA process. In this short post, we would list out the distinguishing aspects of these documents. 

Test Plan vs Test Strategy



Test Plan is generally created by Test Lead or manager after going through a product requirement.

Strategy is a high-level document developed by a Test Manager from Business Requirement specification document.

It defines the scope, objective, parameters and the testing approach required.

It sets the testing guidelines and specifies how testing should be done.

Test plan document is not a static document and changes whenever new testing methodologies or processes are implemented in the project.

Depending on the type of project, there can be multiple test plans governed by a single master test plan.

Can be considered to be a static document as it is not edited quite often.

It sets the standards states the required process for the creation of other test documents like Test Plan.

Some of the components of test plan are:
Plan id
– Introduction
– Features that need to be tested
– Features that are outside testing scope.
– Test environment
– Test deliverables
– Schedule

The primary components of a test strategy are:
– Objectives and scope
– Roles and responsibilities
– Test deliverables
– Standards to follow
– Automation suits and testing matrices
– Defect management
– Configuration management and training plan.

The motive of a test plan is to determine existing issues and dependencies, in order to identify risk.

Information from the test plan which is abstract and generic for all projects are mentioned in the test strategy.

Applicable at project level

Applicable at the organization level.

Conclusion Difference between Test Plan and Test Strategy

To sum it up in a few words:

  • Test plan tells what needs to be tested, while strategy lays down the testing process and tells how to test.
  • The test plan is generally fabricated by test lead or manager, while only test manager is responsible for creating the test strategy.
  • The test plan is updated from time to time, while a test strategy is almost static.

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