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Guide for Crowdsourced Testing

July 1, 2016 Types of Testing
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Crowdsourced testing is an emerging trend in software testing which exploits the benefits, effectiveness, and efficiency of crowdsourcing and the cloud platform.  It differs from traditional testing methods in that the testing is carried out by a number of different testers from different places, and not by hired consultants and professionals. The software is put to test under diverse realistic platforms which make it more reliable, cost-effective, fast, and bug-free.

 What is Crowd Testing

Software Testing in later years has emerged as one of an essential element in software development life cycle. Customers are allocating a percentage of software development finance for testing because it will increase brand value and at any cost, no customer wants brand value should be compromised because of some software bug.

As the word testing word comes in our mind we think about test cases, test plans, test reports, and other test life cycle process, which we normally call as functional testing. Now word Crowdsourced Testing or generally call Crowdsourced Testing is done before the release of software i.e. software is ready for going into production. As the term crowd i.e group of testers, users do exploratory testing of an application. Normally companies perform two types of Crowdsourced Testing.

 CrowdSource Testing vendors

A number of crowdsource websites are available such as below

  • http://www.crowd4test.com
  • https://crowdsourcedtesting.com/
  • http://www.crowdsourcehire.com/
  • http://testarmy.com/
  • https://www.pay4bugs.com/
  • https://mycrowd.com/
  • http://www.utest.com/
  • http://usersthink.com
  • https://www.rainforestqa.com
  • http://www.usertesting.com/
  • http://www.usabilityhub.com/
  • http://mogotest.com/

Testers for all over the world register themselves at respective websites. They are mostly testers, leads etc working in IT field and join these websites to earn some extra income. Application under test is uploaded on these websites and made available to testers for testing

Internal Crowdsource Testing

Before the releasing of application, testers from within the company on different projects come together and perform exploratory testing.

Crowd Testing Details

  • In Crowdsourced Testing customer has a huge benefit on finance as the tester is paid not for the amount of time devoted to testing but the total number of bugs found.
  • Severity and Priority of bug also decide its payment.
  • A team of crowd testers is assigned one manager to single project to look over the testing activities and review of bugs & reports.
  • Crowdsourced Testing reveals a huge amount of bugs even if an application was tested by companies functional testers.
  • Yes, Crowdsourced Testing can also be named as beta testing.
  • Crowd testers not only register themselves on crowd web site for second income but also to gain knowledge to work with different teams and domains. These websites conduct knowledge sessions for its crowd testers from time to time.
  • Testing is mainly done for mobile applications and games.
  • An outcome of testing is gathered by feedback & bugs and shared with the customer.
  • The customer really appreciates the feedback received from testers which act as real users for him. Many crowd companies share feedback in form of video of step by step navigation of application with a customer.
  • Crowd testing companies charge the customer on basis of bugs found or the number of testers hours spend.
  • Crowdsourced Testing companies pay testers on the basis of bugs found and its severity & priority.

 Benefits of Crowdsourced Testing

  • Real bugs for application are identified in Crowdsourced Testing, as the application is tested outside company network in the real world.
  • The huge number of the tester can be hired for short duration of time.
  • Companies cannot be sure application is tested on all available devices & platforms. Through crowd customer can opt the application which should be tested on mentioned devices & testing application is provided to only those crowd testers which are supporting those devices asked by a customer.
  • Localization testing for different languages and geographic locations is possible. As crowd testers are available from around the world so the customer can avail the benefit of localization testing at no additional cost.
  • Early feedback, as an app is made available to testers as soon it is uploaded on crowd web site, testing starts. It continues 24×7 because of testers available from different time zones. So gets a big list of issues in a day or two.
  • CrowdTesting is much cheaper as compared to testing done by functional testers

 Few Drawbacks of Crowdsourced Testing

  • Confidentiality of application as it is shared with testers all over the world, though testers in crowd companies abide by confidential agreement but still it lacks somewhere as crowd testers are working as part time job.
  • If no bugs found by tester than no money is earned by a tester. Also if bugs found are trivial than amount earned is very less
  • Group discussion, sharing info with team of testers is tedious job as they work in their own timings, location etc.
  • Sometimes less initiate taken by testers as it not their full-time job.
  • Quantity is inefficient and no bugs are found

Crowd Testing is NOT replacement of functional testing Share your comments

About the author

Vaibhav Singhal author

Vaibhav is in software testing since a decade. Worked with different testing techniques along with exploratory testing. Performed different regression, performance, api etc testing with tools and libraries like selenium, jmeter, loadrunner, protractor, rest assured, Katalon Appium and others.



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I’m waiting about one month for a payment from Crowd4test. As a tester, I not recommend them.

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