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35+ Points to Impress your Test Manager

May 24, 2017
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Improving relationship with the manager is a critical aspect of success in the business world. Test Manager is the most important person in tester’s professional life because without manager’s support one is not likely to get a good appraisal, promotion, and assignment.It is quite important to have good working relationship with your manager. There should be a proper understanding and clear communication with the manager to have immediate results. If one is in sync with the manager, his/her work is more likely to be praised by the manager. Here are some of the tips that testers should consider in order to impress test manager. 

  • It is quite important to know boss’s objective. So it is required to work with test manager to know the goals clearly and try best to accomplish it.
  • It is advisable to have a positive attitude towards the work as it reflects one’s commitment towards work and cement a good impression of the tester in the eyes of the manager.
  • It is advisable to take initiatives. More initiatives tester take, more valuable they become to team and organization. Also, it shows leadership ability of the tester which will groom him/her for higher level position.
  • The tester should try to accomplish the task before tester is asked if he/she feels that they may require to do the task in future and have time available to do so.
  • Tester should see how can he improve his work.
  • Tester should try to do his/her best to accomplish the assigned task. Mediocre performance won’t suffice all the times.
  • Tester should try to perform well, keeping maintenance cost low.
  • Tester should not challenge manager’s decision and try to follow the decision made by the manager.
  • Tester should try to work for manager’s success and make him feel good, which cement a good impression of tester in the eyes of the manager.
  • Tester should learn new technologies and qa automation tools and share the knowledge to the team, which makes the work of manager easy many times, as it is manager’s job to keep the team updated with new qa skills and technologies. Also, it gives the impression to the manager and co-worker about tester‘s seriousness to maintain the quality of work.
  • Tester should be honest and not try to deceive manager in any circumstance even in the case one has committed some mistake. It is wise to admit a mistake before manager so that manager can have faith in the testing team member.
  • Tester should treat manager like a client and try to complete all the assigned task. It happens that one looks at client’s requirement with great attention and try to accomplish the task with the best effort. In the same way, a tester is required to look at the task assigned by the manager with utmost sincerity.
  • Sometimes tester is assigned an additional task by test manager, he/she should try to accomplish the task as manager as the manager is equipped with many other tasks to be completed.
  • Tester should observe manager’s behavior like concentrating on frequently asked questions by the manager. This helps the tester to understand manager’s behavior. It is quite important to know how test manager is and behave accordingly.
  • Tester should understand manager’s demand and frustration of manager. This can also help understand manager in a better way and improve ties with the manager.
  • Tester should communicate effectively with the manager as it helps in better understanding and better delivery of the assigned task in the project. The close relationship between tester and manager helps to deliver the work comfortably and minimize compromise in software testing.
  • Tester should know their expected goal and try to complete it.
  • Tester should avoid frequent visits to their manager every time he/she sees a roadblock, which can sometimes lead to manager’s irritation. Tester should try his/her best to sort out the issue at their end, by putting some extra effort.
  • Tester should identify the ways in which he/she along with manager work together to produce the maximum result and work accordingly.
  • Tester should Show tact respect and professionalism to the manager to have a mutually rewarding career.
  • Tester can challenge boss’s idea if he/she feels that it is not the best idea manager is having. It is always praised by a good manager if the tester gives a better idea to a manager.
  • Tester should try to reach early in office. It gives a good impression to test manager.
  • Tester should maintain consistent good performance so that manager can consider him reliable for good projects.
  • One of the important thing that Tester should have in practice is to walk the talk. The commitment made by tester before manager should be delivered within fixed time. This increases manager’s reliability on Tester.
  • Tester should try to be proactive. It is not considered good for tester if the manager needs to inform him/her about what to do. Tester should come up with ideas, execute them and show results. Testers should try to stretch their ability to work beyond their defined roles.
  • Tester should be motivated which keeps them serious towards his/her work. There is no way that Test Manager is not going to notice tester’s effort and sincerity.
  • Tester should maintain basic hygiene in the office like he/she should be dressed well, maintain cleanliness on the desk and maintain basic discipline, which gives good impression before the manager.
  • Sometimes work environment is not up to the mark and interpersonal relationship between teammates are not good. Sometimes it is required to take the issue the test manager. There may be other issues as well like development teams are many times not supportive to a tester. But tester should avoid complaining about it, rather discuss it positively to sort out the issue with test manager. It not only shows the maturity of the tester but also puts him/her in good light before test manager.
  • There are many challenges and problems in professional life. So, as a tester, one should try to come up with a solution to the problem coming in a team, though it may involve extra effort, but will definitely ease the work of test manager and also will make tester valuable asset for the team and for the manager. Apart from this, it will increase tester’s own skill.
  • Tester should be the good team player, maintain good interpersonal relationship within a team as well as other teams like development team, marketing team. It gives good impression before the manager.
  • Tester should not be unwilling to stay late if the project is to be delivered within the deadline.
  • Last but not least, one should try to ease work for test manager as test manager usually have lots of pressure.

Above are some of the points which tester should follow to have good working relationship with the manager and deliver collaboratively for the organization.


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