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Introduction to Software Testing Interview Questions

October 30, 2017 Manual QA Interview Prep

Software testing is one of the most crucial business sectors in IT industry. A profession in Software testing is not less than a challenge. This is a continuous activity to enhance the quality of the software or product being developed (or modified). Correctness and Completeness of the project are always ensured by Software Testing. And also, reviews, testing, and feedbacks are handled in a professional manner, which contributes to the success of any project. This is the series of Tutorial on Software Testing Interview Questions for preparing Software Tester for Interview.

Software Testing Interview Questions here is classified into different articles covering the particular type of it in each.

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The career path in Software Testing is not as easy as anyone thinks. Software Testing as a career is always a continuous learning activity. Any software tester should have positive attributes towards testing and ethics should be strictly followed. Few important criteria that any tester should have apart from testing are as below:

  • Testers should be efficient in handling conflicts between developers and themselves.
  • Diplomacy in handling arguments within or between the teams
  • Informing the issues/bugs in a professional way as to not hurt anyone’s emotions (Instead of saying there are lot many issues in the software you developed, say it as there are issues in the software which requires your attention in fixing and enhancing its quality)
  • No blame game – No one is alone responsible for the success or failure of the project. It is entire team’s responsibility and effort that accounts
  • Putting one-self in the shoes of end-user while testing
  • Having the mindset to do repetitive tasks without any obligations – this is most common in some phases of testing
  • Eager to learn new domains, techniques, approaches
  • Logical reasoning, self-explanatory reports on various aspects – testing, bugs, efforts, dependencies, etc.
  • Should not be judgmental about any feature, project as whole, person, team
  • Maintaining integrity, confidentiality about project, customers
  • Soft skills play very important role in tester’s career. It is always good to have proficient communication skills
  • Team player is one of the most important tags that any tester should have

Testers/testing team is the only one to get exposed to major stakeholders in the project. Professional ethics is given much more important when dealing with teams other than testing. As they have to work in distributed teams (Business analysts, Developers, Testers, Leads, Managers, Customers, Customer’s Customers sometimes), it is very important to maintain accountability of the activities that are being carried out.

When anyone chooses Software Testing as a Profession, it is very important to know what it is all about. Software Testing Interview Questions varies widely in different aspects. It may be terminologies, life cycles, approaches, differences between few terms, handling tasks, delegations, case studies, test case writings, test scenario design, bug reporting, tools, automation, reports, reviews, etc. Few Software Testing Interview Questions can be answered based on the only experience. But in this tutorial, an attempt is made to answer even those in a simple manner with reasoning / depending criteria. Such categories include task handling, team management activities, work-breakdown structure, prioritizing, etc.

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