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JMeter Installation Step by Step Guide

September 10, 2017 JMeter Tutorial
JMeter Installation, Install JMeter on Windows, Instal JMeter

Apache JMeter is 100% based on Java. Hence, in order for JMeter Installation, Java should already be installed in the system. In order to check the version of Java on your system, go to CMD > type – “java -version”. If Java is already installed and environment variables are set then it will display Java version on your system. Java version greater than 1.5 is required for JMeter. If the version of Java is not displayed or if it is less than 1.5 then please follow steps below to install Java. 

JMeter is supported by various operating systems like Mac, Linux, Windows. It is platform independent. In this blog, we will be covering installation of Java, Setting up of environment variables for Java and JMeter Installation step by step.

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Installation of Java

Let’s look at the steps of how to install Java first.

Go to: http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase



Click on “Download” button.


On clicking “Download” button, you will be navigated to :


Now, From the list under Java SE Development Kit 8u144, select Download file for the file that is suitable for your system.


Click on Save File.


Once the JDK executable file is successfully installed. Double click on the executable jar file and follow steps.

Go to the specified location in your computer(Default is C:\Program Files) and verify that whether Folder: “Java” is created with 2 folders of JDK(JDK version) and JRE(JRE version).

Also, open the command prompt. Go to Start > Run > Type command prompt.

 Type “Javac” and hit Enter.

If Environment variables are not set then below message will be displayed.

“Javac” is not recognizable as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.

If they are already set, then options of the command will be displayed.


Setting Environment variables

Environment variables are a set of dynamically named variables that affect the way in which we communicate with different processes when we are accessing on our computer.

Go to System Properties > Environment Variables.


Under User variables, click on “Path” and add JDK path till bin folder.


 Click ‘Ok’ and environment variable is set successfully.

⇒ Now, go to CMD again and type Javac. This time it will display the options of command as below.

 This shows that Java is successfully installed. Now, we can see how to install JMeter.


JMeter Installation

Go to “http://jmeter.apache.org/download_jmeter.cgi”.

Click on zip, tgz file as per your system configuration.


For example: Click on “Apache-JMeter-3.2.zip” link. You will get an option to save the file.


Unzip this folder at the desired location on your system.

Jmeter folder will appear as below :

Go to “bin” folder to open JMeter GUI.

 Double click on “JMeter” batch file.

⇒ This will open GUI mode of JMeter and JMeter Installation is complete.


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