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Mobile Testing – The Complete Guide

Beginners Mobile Testing
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Firstly, let’s analyze are we dependent on Mobile phones? Later on, we will look upon do we really need Mobile Testing, if so Why? This Mobile Testing Tutorial answers all the questions that the reader has.

  • Are we still using the telephone for conversations?
  • Are we still dependent on turning the PC or Laptop ON for Emailing / Chatting (Text / Audio / Video) / Browsing / and so on?
  • Need to submit the report urgently, but you are still on the way to the office?
  • Are we still standing in Queue to pay the electricity bill making it late to office?
  • Are we still every time visiting the stores to buy clothes, groceries?
  • Are we still dependent on agents to book the cab, bus, railway, flight tickets for us?

NO… Maybe, but not always. So what are we dependent on these days?

Mobile Phones (Smartphone), Tablets, … As the trend is moving forward, so are our comfort zones. One of the most dependent and comfortable way of maintaining day-to-day activities OR way of spending time OR way of learning new things OR way of connecting to people OR what all, is through Mobile Phones. Again, is only Mobile phone sufficient??? We also need the Internet connection and suitable apps to support these. We have realized how important these Mobile phones and applications in today’s world are. Every single day, there are hundreds of, thousands of applications are getting launched to make our life as easy as possible to the greater extent. Every single day, there are lot many Mobile phones released to the market. Most of us do have at least 2 phones and all are loaded with the good number of applications.

So, let’s take this as a subject and start learning what, why, who, when, how about Mobile Testing, Mobile Applications Testing and in-depth concepts of it.

To whom this Mobile Testing Tutorial is for?

Target audience for this tutorial is

  • Any Software Tester or any individual who is interested to learn about Mobile Testing and Mobile Applications Testing.
  • Any website tester and/or web applications testers willing to either shift or expand their career in Mobile Testing

Why does anyone want to learn and excel in Mobile Testing / Mobile Applications Testing field?

This is one of the fields which is in trend always in the market and a good choice to choose as the career as well. This is the area where manual, automation, performance, security, reliability all come under the same roof with equal importance to support either device or application or both. With the evolving mobile technology, there is a huge demand on the wide range of applications for business and for each and every domain, be it e-commerce, financial services, productivity, etc.

With the great number of apps that are emerging on the day-to-day basis, there is always huge demand to test the mobile applications effectively preferably on real devices. This is a business and is totally dependent on end-users likes and dislikes. Many applications get through the great success, and many fail as they are unable to satisfy or convince end-users to use them and be connected (usually end-user installs the application > gives few tries > if not satisfied, uninstalls it). Failure reason could be many. One among them is the weak strategy applied in either development or testing. This, Mobile Testing tutorial, is aimed at Mobile Testing and Mobile Applications Testing, we will focus on Testing strategy, concepts that are relevant.

Strong Testing Strategy, Test Planning in Mobile Testing and/or Mobile Application Testing will ensure the quality of the Application before it is released to market for usage.

Manual testing and Automation testing for these applications leads to the way to great success and are preferred as well. This concept is wide and the attempt is made to cover all possible aspects of this tutorial.

How does Mobile Testing / Mobile Application Testing benefit you?

Anyone with good knowledge of Mobile Applications Testing can earn extra income along with their regular income by supporting testing the applications on their available devices. Freelancing in this field is a great success if you are willing to test Mobile applications either on their beta version or the ones that are already launched in the market, upon application’s demand.

What prior knowledge you need to start with this tutorial?

Since this tutorial is all about Mobile Testing and Mobile Applications Testing, knowledge or understanding on basic concepts of Software Testing is necessary – to name few are Black box testing, Test Plan, Test Scenarios, Test Cases.

Takeaways from Mobile Testing Tutorial

At the end of this, Mobile Testing tutorial, you should be able to get the below takeaways:

So, let’s start with the Mobile Testing tutorial.

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