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Is your Bug Fixed? Retest or Regression??

August 27, 2017
Regression Testing, Types of Regression testing, how to do regression testing, ReTesting

This post covered various points related to ReTesting, Regression testing, Bug Estimation etc. It’s quite common in the software testing industry that the fixed bug is just tested and closed. But Check, Check, Check… Is your bug really fixed? Is it not impacting on any other features? Is it not introducing the new bug to the system? Is it fixed only for the given input, or it covers the entire input range? Straight forwardly, of course, we follow the steps to reproduce and find out whether the bug is corrected. But what next? Is it just moving the bug status to Verified and Closed? A big NO… Read More…

Bugzilla Tutorial – Bug Tracking Tool

August 24, 2017
bugzilla, bugzilla tool, is bugzilla free, bugzilla demo

In software development process, getting and tracking bug, defect and error is a very common process and then documenting those bugs with a proper description in the word document is a general practice. What would happen if the document is erased or data got corrupted? So, in order to get rid of all this unwanted and unavoidable condition we use bug tracking tools for tracking the bugs, defects and error found during the software development process. Now a day there are many bug tracking tools are available in the market like- Axosoft, Jira, Planio and much more. Maximum of the bug trackers are available in paid versions and very few are free. Among all these bug trackers, bug tracker Bugzilla, one of the tool which is absolutely free and very user – friendly.

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Root Cause Analysis

August 21, 2017
Root Cause Analysis, Root Cause Analysis Tools,Root Cause Analysis Methods, RCA

One of the best examples for Reverse Engineering from Tester’s perspective is the Root Cause Analysis performed on Customer issues. This comes up when the product/application is launched LIVE successfully, and real-time users of the product/application face any issues and report them. Read More…

TestRail Tutorial – Test Case & Test Management Testing Tool

August 18, 2017
TestRail, TestRail Tool, TestRail Test Management Tool

Now a day software plays a vital role in our lives in the form website and mobile application. But have you ever thought, How this software came into existence? In the Software Development cycle, Testing play one of the Vital role in making the software Bug free. And to manage all this testing task we need the help of a Test Management Tool. There are many test management tools available in the market but TestRail is one, which is solely responsible for managing the testing activity within the scope of a single application.Read More…

Testing Responsive Websites

August 16, 2017
Testing Responsive website, Responsive website Testing

Testing responsive websites has become very important in today’s era because the challenge in today era is to get the website run successfully on all the browsers being used nowadays whether the browser is running on Desktop, Laptop, Mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad, Android devices, Tablets etc. Testing responsive websites has now become a core concern of the client, as the increase in usage of mobile devices for surfing website is increasing day by day. Read More…

Generating Reports in JIRA

August 12, 2017
JIRA Reports, Reports in Jira, Generate Report in Jira

JIRA is well known for defect tracking and project management. And one of the facets of project management is to monitor various reports provided by JIRA. The well-known defect tracking tool allows you to create a number of different reports which can help you get an overview of the current status of the project. These JIRA reports, through pictorial depiction, helps you translate the current defect status and progress of various issues in the project. Some reports are in the form of charts, line-charts, bar-graphs, to name a few.Read More…

Creating and Handling Issues in JIRA

JIRA Issue, JIRA Issue Types, Link Jira Issue

JIRA is used by numerous projects to track defects as well as for project management. Using JIRA the team members and clients can track new tasks and keep track of the items that are to be delivered. In JIRA, every task, new feature or bugs are logged as JIRA issue. Also, every issue can be associated to an assignee and he/ she has to take the complete ownership of it. In this post, we would discuss the basics of JIRA issue, the different types of issues that you can create in JIRA and how to create them.Read More…

Different ways to Search Issues in JIRA

Search jira Issues, How to search Issues in JIRA

Once JIRA has been setup, team members and client start adding issues in the respective projects. Within no time the number of issues logged in JIRA can amount to hundreds if not thousands. Also, the number of issues logged in JIRA depends on the team size and project attributes. As the number of issues increases, you must have the ability to search JIRA Issue and filter the relevant issues based on different parameters. In this post, we would focus on the different ways you can search issues. We would also talk about the different actions that you can take on the search JIRA Issue.Read More…

JIRA Manage Board and Workflows in JIRA

Jira manage board, manage board in Jira, Jira workflows, workflow in Jira

When JIRA is used in a company or for a project, it has to be configured i.e. JIRA Manage Board to suit the specific needs of the team members and how the issues would be accessed and viewed. If a project has different modules or sub-projects which have different reporting clients, they must be segregated so that issues from different modules are tracked under different project name. As JIRA is used by developers and testers extensively, they must have the provision to configure the issues they want to see based on their roles. And that is where boards come in handy.Read More…

How to Install JIRA and Create New Project

August 4, 2017
Install Jira, Create Project in Jira, Jira installation

JIRA is a popular defect tracking and project management tool which is used by different software development projects. JIRA provides a number of distinct advantages and helps team members, product owners, and project managers to carefully track the proceedings of the project. But in order to reap the complete benefit of JIRA, you have to install and deploy it on a server. In this post, we would talk about the different ways to install JIRA on Windows and Linux machines. Also to give you started with using JIRA, we would list down the different steps to create a new project in JIRA. Read on and find out how.Read More…