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Introduction to JIRA and its necessity

August 3, 2017
Jira. Jira tutorial, jira tool, learn jira

As a software tester, you have to use a number of different tools JIRA, QC, Mantis etc to help you with your testing deliverables. You have your test case tracking tool, defect management tool and other supporting tools that help you with manual testing and automation test creation. Of all these tools the defect tracking tool is the one which is widely used by testers irrespective of their position or expertise. Read More…

How to provide Agile Testing Estimates in Projects

August 1, 2017
Agile Testing, Agile meaning, scrum testing

Agile testing estimation is done in every iteration. At the start of each sprint, features are picked from the product backlog, groomed, estimated and added to the sprint backlog. But how are the estimates provided? How can the team members know which feature is complex than the other and would require more efforts and man-hours? In this post, we would talk about the agile testing estimation process and how team members evaluate the complexity of a task i.e. be a good agile tester.Read More…

10 Steps to writing the Perfect Software Testing Resume

July 31, 2017
QA resume, QA sample resume, QA resume for freshers, Software tester resume, software testing resume

If you want to land a testing job of your choice in your dream company, you have to let the world know about your capabilities and professional experiences. And one of the best ways of doing so is by creating a detailed and structured QA resume. But while creating your resume, you can’t jump right in and start flaunting your software testing skills. On the contrary, you have to adhere to the industry guidelines and think from the perspective of a recruiter, who would be eventually reviewing it, and then start adding lines to QA resume. In this article, we would talk about 10 steps which would improve the quality of your resume and increase the chances of interview calls. Read More…

Test Metrics or Testing Metrics

July 28, 2017
Test Metrics, test metrics template, test matrices in agile, test matrics in jira

Before knowing what is Test Metrics or Testing Metrics, it is important to know what Software Metrics is. It will give a better understanding of what Test Metrics is. Read More…

24 Things to avoid in Software Tester Resume

July 26, 2017
Software Tester Resume, QA Resume, QA resume samples, software testing resume for fresher

Your Software Tester Resume is the document that speaks about your skills and professional achievements. This document almost single-handedly decides your next company and how frequently your receive the interview calls. So given its importance, you must craft your resume carefully. In this post, we would talk about 24 odd things that you must avoid while creating your resumeRead More…

How to Ensure a Stable Career in Software Testing

July 19, 2017
Software testing jobs, software testing career, software testing jobs in noida

Software testing is a lucrative career option with many Software Testing Jobs. As a software tester, you get to test applications on different platform and devices to make sure that it performs as expected when it is handed over to the consumers. To test an application, the QA team adopts different testing strategies and processes, the most basic being manual testing and test planning. But as the application evolves and new features are added, with every minor release the deliverables keep on increasing and it becomes really difficult to test each and every item. Also the scope of testing and the different types of testing required to ensure the product’s integrity, increases. Read More…

When is the Right Time for Regression Testing

July 14, 2017
Regression Testing, Types of Regression testing, how to do regression testing, ReTesting

Every software application once developed contains many issues which can affect the functionality, performance, and aesthetics of the application. Most of these issues are identified at feature level by the testing team. But when many features from different modules are put together, there are high chances of new defects being introduced. These issues come up when independent modules start interacting with each other. Also, the code changes made for any existing issue fixes can impact some other part/ module of the application. For this reason, regression testing is performed by every QA team. Read More…

What are the different test artifacts?

June 23, 2017
test artifacts

Talking in layman’s term, Test Artifacts are deliverables or documents which are prepared during the testing process. These documents are shared with different stakeholders like clients, Test Managers, Team members, and other people involved in the project so that every test process are properly recorded and are transparent for all stakeholders. Read More…

Tools that every Tester must know

June 21, 2017
Screenshot and recording tools that every tester must know

There are many things that testers should learn apart from bug management tools like Jira or Mantis. Tester especially Manual Tester should know how to prepare testing documents, how to take a screenshot and how to record test execution. Though later on with the increase in experience, the tester should learn tools related to Automation Testing, Performance Testing, Security Testing, Database testing etc. Since lots of testing metrics are developed in Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word. So, the tester is required to learn it appropriately. All main testing documents like Test Plan, Test Estimate, Test Cases, Test Execution, Test Results, etc. involve the use of Excel and Word to create it. Apart from these editing tools, this article will talk about other popular tools that every tester must know. Read More…

35+ Points to Impress your Test Manager

May 24, 2017
software test manager, Test Manager, test lead, software tester

Improving relationship with the manager is a critical aspect of success in the business world. Test Manager is the most important person in tester’s professional life because without manager’s support one is not likely to get a good appraisal, promotion, and assignment.It is quite important to have good working relationship with your manager. There should be a proper understanding and clear communication with the manager to have immediate results. If one is in sync with the manager, his/her work is more likely to be praised by the manager. Here are some of the tips that testers should consider in order to impress test manager. Read More…