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Top 10 reasons why Tester miss Software Bug

February 16, 2017
software bug, testing bug

First of all, it is not a good thing on part of tester if he/she miss the Software bug, as we know how much important Testing is in Software development life cycle, but there are times when testers miss the bug. Though it is not done purposely as no tester want to leave the Software bug undetected and unreported.Read More…

What happens to Software Testing Quality when a Tester compromises

February 12, 2017
software quality assurance, software testing quality, software quality assurance, software testing quality,

Testers test what developers develop. If this is what your mindset is about a tester, then you are doing it wrong. Yes, testers do test the software developed by the developers but their main purpose is to add quality to the deliverables and ensure a stable build. That doesn’t always come from merely software testing quality the application.Read More…

QA Resume Writing

January 31, 2017
qa resume, qa tester resume, testing resume

The QA resume is a way to choose a potential candidate. It is the first thing recruit gets to know about the candidate. Resume can be considered as a marketing document of one’s skill, knowledge, and experience. Resume writing has become a very important thing in our society, especially for Jobseekers and recruiters. Resume writing plays a very important role for both the parties.Read More…

Write Use cases or Test cases?

January 26, 2017
Use cases,test plan, test case, use case, use case example

Use cases and test cases are the terms that are heard very often in Software Testing industry. They both are designed/developed to identify the ways in which the users interact with the system to achieve the expected result in a specific way. Most probably both the documents will contain the same set of data and instructions. And maybe this is why Use Case and Test Case terms are used interchangeably, and this is wrong too. The difference between Use Case and Test Case lies within the scope and purpose of designing them.

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Best Practices for Automation Testing

January 25, 2017
automation testing, test automation, automation testing tools, regression testing, qa tester, manual testing

Regression testing (automation testing) is so important when a new feature is developed for an application, QA team tries to execute different scenarios to bring to light any possible flaws present in the existing codebase. Because the inclusion of a new feature can also hamper the integrity of the existing functionalities.

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Best way to Search QA Jobs

January 23, 2017
qa jobs, qa tester jobs, qa position

Getting the first QA jobs is always difficult. It is one of the most difficult phases of the career as, at this time, QA position seeker does not have practical testing experience and are short of confidence. But by following some tips and ways to search and apply, one can land the testing QA position with more ease. 

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Test Data & Tools Available

January 13, 2017
Qa tools, qa test, qa data

The QA data can be specified as the documented data which are used for Software/Application testing. The test data is the input data of any kind of QA test prepared by QA tools. They can be done in any format like  XML test data, SQL QA data, system test data etc… The design of test data is important as they determine the behavior of the system for correct, valid or invalid inputs. They ensure the adequate design of the QA test scenario. 

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Why Automation Fail in many Projects?

January 5, 2017
automation fail,test automation failure, automation testing failure

We always discuss the benefits of automation in every project, but we often forget to ask ourselves the question, can it be successfully implemented ie. automation fail? Currently, almost all projects incorporate automation to automate their applications especially with automation in agile.This helps them reduce manual effort and also provides continuous feedback about the operation of the application.

Even though all the above is promised of automation, reaching the goal is not a simple task. Every testing team faces one of the other hurdles, while they jumpstart automation testing in their project. This article is written to serve as a checklist, that lists all the things that might go wrong with automation testing. 

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E-Commerce Application Testing

January 2, 2017
ecommerce testing, ecommerce tools, E-Commerce Application Testing

The past decade has witnessed tremendous growth in e-commerce applications., thanks to their effectiveness and ease of use. These applications have allowed users to purchase any commodity from any marketplace around the globe, at the click of a button. As the popularity of various e-commerce application increased among the masses, so did the competition between these applications & need to E-Commerce Application Testing. 

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Basics of Database Testing

December 29, 2016
database testing, db tester, test database, basic database

Database testing is one of the important testing techniques. Such testing practice is generally incorporated in banking, financial, e-commerce or projects that deal with huge amount of data. But given the expertise, time and resources required to perform such testing, is it really worth it? In this article, we will figure out the importance of database testing and the basic approach adopted by testers to test the database of an application. 

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