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Software Testing Job, Why some think is Useless

December 22, 2016
software testing, useless testing, Software testing job

Software Testing is the process of evaluating a software product for the quality and performance. The Software Testing Job is responsible for verifying that the software meets the business and technical requirements that specified in the Software Requirement Specification Records. The test phases can be classified into several stages based on the various aspects of testing.

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Portability Testing

December 20, 2016
portability testing, testing, software portability

Portability of a software is the capability of the software to adapt the changing environment when moved from one to another. Portability testing is the process of evaluating the portability of the software. Portability is measured based on the maximum effort and expense required to transfer from one Operating System to another. 

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Benefits of Early Testing

December 17, 2016
early test, early testing, benefits of early testing

There is a lot to gain in early testing. Early testing is quite important. A defect can be found throughout all the phases of software development Life Cycle. So, it is better to start early Testing in the software development life cycle, so as to minimize defects in the later stages. It can be design review, unit testing or regression testing. Design phase comes early in Software development Life Cycle. Design Testing is done at this phase. 

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Guide to QA Certification

December 15, 2016
qa tester, qa certification, Guide to qa certification

QA Certification is an important step in the career growth plan of the Software tester. Though it is not mandatory but when added to the resume of the software tester gives weight to the resume. 

Many organizations prefer certified people because the QA certification itself certifies that person having certification is a qualified software tester and is well versed in testing principles and practices. So, certification not only allows one to become a member of accepted software group but also helps in career growth.

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What is a Smart TV

November 14, 2016
smart tv, small smart tv, hd smart tv

A Smart TV is a Television made digital by incorporating internet connections, extended storage options and the computer specialized behavior for entertainment. Smart TV is stand-alone products and the production of Smart TVs is one of the most competitive industries in the world. The gigantic manufacturer’s research and develop latest technologies to implement with the Smart TV.

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Career Path of a Software Tester

November 10, 2016
software tester,software testing jobs, career in software testing, software testing career

Software tester role plays a pivotal role in Software Development Life Cycle. Generally, software tester implements different techniques to test the application and ensure that the application being developed matches the client’s specifications. During testing, all encountered issues are sent back to the developers for fixing. That’s not all, every QA team has to strictly adhere to different processes so that testing quality can be preserved over a long time.

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What is Cookie Testing and How to Perform?

October 27, 2016
cookie test , cookie testing

By Definition, a cookie is a small text file, which is stored in the computer browser directory or in the program data subfolders. Cookies are referred by an ID Tag. When a browser is used the information regarding the actions are stored in cookies. Information like login details, preferences, customized use of the functions  etc…are stored to track the user’ s visit and movements, so Cookie Testing has emerged as one of the critical testings in software testing.

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How to Choose an Automation Tool

October 26, 2016
Automation Tool,Automation Tool selection, automation testing tools, automation testing, automation tools, testing tools,

It is often seen that people generally do not do enough analysis of the automation tool before doing automation. Generally, automation is based on tool and skill set available in the organization or advice of colleagues or supervisor, which sometimes lead to less automation coverage or creates a problem in running the script again and again.

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What is Performance Testing?

October 11, 2016
load testing, Performance testing, load tester

The type of non-functional testing to determine how far some aspects of a system performed under a particular workload or in some drastic conditions is called Performance Testing. The test is conducted to ensure the system meets certain performance criteria.The main focus of performance testing is to measure the following factors while testing an Application/Software.

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Penetration Testing

penetration testing,penetration test, security testing

First of all, it is important to know what Penetration Testing is and why it is needed. But Before that, let us be familiar with some of the commonly used terms like what is Vulnerability, Vulnerability Assessment, and Exploit. The vulnerability is a weakness in a computer system that an attacker can take advantage of. 

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