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Penetration Testing

October 11, 2016
penetration testing,penetration test, security testing

First of all, it is important to know what Penetration Testing is and why it is needed. But Before that, let us be familiar with some of the commonly used terms like what is Vulnerability, Vulnerability Assessment, and Exploit. The vulnerability is a weakness in a computer system that an attacker can take advantage of. 

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Perks of Continuous Testing

October 10, 2016
continuous integration, continuous test,Continuous Testing

We as IT professionals are well aware of the advantages of testing. It not only makes the product reliable but also enhances the overall quality of the existing product by helping developers and client identify the loopholes for any feature. But providing such quality testing for a long time can be a tough task and solution is continuous testing. Especially when the release cycles are short and the changes frequent. In such cases, testers need to adopt a testing practice that is fast, precise yet reliable.

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Testing in DevOps

October 3, 2016

Agility is the reason of emerging trend DevOps. DevOps comes up with the combination of two words “Development” & “Operations”. Aall teams should work together better communication and collaboration for delivery product.

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How can Software Testers Enhance their Testing Skills?

software testing skills, testing skills, test skill, testing skills

Software testing is not only a lucrative profession but also promises bright future in the software industry. Evolving from a fresher to good testing skills holds a number of hurdles and challenges. Unless and until a software tester recognizes these challenges and strive to perfect his or her testing skills, surviving in the software industry can be a tough job for a tester. In this post, we would be explaining the different challenges faced by a software tester, and also chalk down different tips which can help testers to stay on top of their game

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10 Software Testing Myths

September 26, 2016
software testing myths, software myths, manual testing concepts, software testing techniques

In all previous articles, we have talked about different QA practices and roles played by Software testers. There we mentioned the characteristic efforts that different type of testing demands. However, in this article, we would be talking about 10 different software testing myths that persist in the QA practices and general testing.

When people from other IT professions talk about a software tester’s role, they narrate experiences that they personally feel or what they have overheard from other professions. Some facts are true, while others are a Software Testing Myths. In this post, we would bring into limelight the different myths regarding software testing.

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Requirement Traceability Matrix

September 25, 2016
traceability matrix , requirement traceability matrix, requirements traceability matrix template ,

The purpose of the Requirement Traceability Matrix [RTM], is to link the requirements collected during requirement specification analysis to the technical requirements and the test data.

RTM specifies all the requirements and their traceability and delivered at the completion of the Software development lifecycle.

Creating RTM focuses on linking the requirements to the test cases and ensuring that no requirements are missed.The validation process during testing is traced by using the RTM.

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Mobile Application Testing

September 23, 2016
Mobile Application Testing, mobile app testing, mobile testing, mobile app testing tools

In our day to day, life mobile has become very important part and it seems that we are not able to move without mobile. In addition to calling and sending SMS, mobile nowadays is providing a wide variety of other services like instant chatting, Sending MMS, Sending emailFirst, Internet access and short range wireless communication (Bluetooth) hence need of Mobile Application Testing.Read More…

Overview of REST API Testing

September 22, 2016
api testing, rest test ,test rest api, REST API Testing

When we are told to test a complete application, the first things that come to our mind are its specifications, requirements and how the different functionalities need to re-tested. We also create a test plan side by side so that ample emphasis is provided to all testing vertices. But when a project has short release cycle and the application is prone to change, we must think of a better approach i.e. REST API Testing.

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How to Become Hadoop-Big Data tester

September 8, 2016
big data hadoop, handoop big data, hadoop testing, Hadoop Big Data

For analysis purposes, companies often rely on data from different sources. For example, an e-commerce website gathers users’ browsing pattern and uses information from different social networking platforms to evaluate or make assumptions for the different products or services customers might be interested in. Such data generally range in terabytes & it is called as Hadoop Big Data. Companies break-down all this data gathered, in the form of data sets which are further refined and evaluated using different computing techniques.

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Why Become Hadoop or Big Data Tester

September 7, 2016
Handoop tester, big data hadoop, handoop big data, hadoop testing, Hadoop

Software testing is a respectable and crucial position in any IT company. As testing is an integral part of SDLC and ensures the stability and overall success of an application, software testers are considered as gatekeepers and responsibility increase much in the case of Hadoop ecosystem.

That’s not all. A good software tester with a keen insight would have a thorough understanding of the project and would be accustomed to all possible flows of the application.But after a certain stage, the learning curve hits a plateau, which can lead to stagnation; a dangerous stage in any IT professional’s career.

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