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Why Become Hadoop or Big Data Tester

September 7, 2016
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Software testing is a respectable and crucial position in any IT company. As testing is an integral part of SDLC and ensures the stability and overall success of an application, software testers are considered as gatekeepers and responsibility increase much in the case of Hadoop ecosystem.

That’s not all. A good software tester with a keen insight would have a thorough understanding of the project and would be accustomed to all possible flows of the application.But after a certain stage, the learning curve hits a plateau, which can lead to stagnation; a dangerous stage in any IT professional’s career.

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Software Quality Assurance Activities

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Software Quality Assurance (SQA) is the process of making sure that the software is free from defects or mistakes and performs all the functionalities without complaints just before the delivery.The SQA process talks about the evaluation of the software on the basis of certain activities.

The Software Quality Assurance is measured based on the internal and external quality features of the software. The external quality is measured based on the real-time activities in operational mode and how the software is useful for the end users.

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Testing in Agile

September 6, 2016
agile testing, agile testing process, agile testing methodology, Agile test

Before knowing the Agile test, it is important to know what Agile is. It is a methodology for Software Development which is based on iterative and incremental approach, Now what does incremental approach mean. Incremental Approach means that whole software Development process occurs in a repetitive iteration. We are developing some features of the application in a cycle and adding some more features in it, also incorporating change required after review of the previous cycle.

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Learn about Automation Framework

September 5, 2016
Automation Framework, automation testing

‘Framework’ is a term that is synonymous with ‘organization’ and ‘supporting structure’. In software, automation framework is a system in which test cases are executed efficiently. It forms the foundation of efficient Automation Framework replay and maintenance.

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Acceptance Testing | UAT testing

August 24, 2016
Acceptance Testing, user acceptance testing, uat, uat testing

The Acceptance Testing is the software testing technique performed to ensure the software system has reached the requirement specifications. In effect, what the acceptance testing doing is that it confirms the system to meet the required criteria for the delivery of the software. Acceptance Testing is performed just after the System Testing and ensures the system is available for the actual use.

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To Automate or not to Automate

August 23, 2016
Automate, automation, not to automate

Most companies are now faced with this dilemma with their code base – Should it be Automate or not? If so, how much to automate? Where does one start? There are no straight answers to these questions and no one-size-fits-all solution.

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Who Earns more, a Software Tester or a Developer?

software testing, software developer, software tester vs developer

Everyone remembers the day they joined their first company. Fresh out from college, all freshers are filled with energy and are pumped up to make their presence felt in the Software world. Eventually, the training starts and everyone gets acquainted with the IT terminologies, different roles in a Software firm, and how different the actual world is outside the textual confinement.

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Role of Quality Assurance in Team Dynamics

August 20, 2016
quality control, Quality Assurance, qa

None of us is as smart as all of us’ said Ken Blanchard, a famous American management expert. This ten-word quote sums up how important teams are for any activity, be it a sport where you have a tangible outcome or a software delivery where the outcome is intangible. This article focusses on the role of quality assurance in ensuring the right dynamics within a software team is maintained in order to achieve a higher Quality Assurance of output.

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Software Testing Environment

August 19, 2016
software testing environment, software test

Testing is an integral part of SDLC. It ensures that an application is functionally rigid and strictly adheres to the specifications provided by the client. But to completely understand the scope of the application and meet the expectations of the client, the application must be tested in a software testing environment that resembles the production environment. And this is the reason why testers should emphasize on replicating the production environment.

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How to perform Software Testing? Explained with an Example 

August 18, 2016
software testing, software testing tutorial, perform software test

Software Testing is an endless process which performs continuously throughout the development cycle of the product. At the time of designing SDLC, the test lead should decide when to start and stop testing. The test plan designed after Requirement Analysis and Design, will schedule the tasks for each tester in the group and set deadlines for every task assigned.

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