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Security Testing by Manual Testers?

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What we all need at the end of the day? I mean most people want in life is Security. Why is security important in anyone’s life? This is because when you feel secure you are happy, comfortable and focus on things which you really want to achieve in life. So just think about the end user of your website from this point of view. How it will impact on your site audience if they don’t feel secure with your site and what if they know they are not secure enough to do what they supposed to do on the site. This is where security testing comes into account. And Yes, manual testers too can perform security testing to an extent.Read More…

Test Management Tool – Parameters to select the right one

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Today, in this article we will discuss different areas or aspects which one needs to consider before choosing a Test management tool for one’s project when so many best test management tools are available in the market. In today’s world, a lot of information is available on the internet about various tools so it makes a bit difficult for the users to understand and identify the right tool according to their requirements and sometimes a user ends up procuring the wrong tool which does not help them increase their productivity but adds further burden on the testing team. So, let’s begin to take a look at few of the parameters which help in taking right decision to choose the test management tool.Read More…

Experienced QA Professionals and Rapidly Changing World? How to Excel in the Job?

Manual QA Interview Prep
Experienced Tester, Experienced QA, Experienced QA Professional, how to excel in software testing, how to get success in testing field, how to succeed in software testing job

You must have heard people saying ‘Time does not wait for anyone, it keeps flying’. Let me share with you, my version of this phrase i.e. ‘Technology does not wait for anyone and keeps changing’. Don’t you agree with this? Haven’t you experienced multiple updates coming through on your Android/iOS phones each year? Well, in that case, I have to tell you the importance of it, especially for the experienced tester.Read More…

Smart TV Testing Scenarios

Smart TV Testing Scenarios, Smart TV Testing, Basic testing for Smart TV, Basic scenarios for testing Smart TV, Smart TV Testing Basic Scenarios

In this article, we will cover the different aspects and scenarios involved in the testing of the Smart TV. This will help to provide a basic understanding of which of the scenarios are required to test a TV or a Smart TV. After going through these Smart TV Testing scenarios, it may provide you a hint about the work required to be performed on testing of a Smart TV before the TV manufacturing rolls out their TV hardware into the market and to the end users.Read More…

Types of Mobile Devices for Testing: Emulators, Simulators, and Real Devices

Beginners Mobile Testing
mobile devices for testing, different types of mobile devices for testing, emulators vs simulators vs real devices, emulators vs simulators, difference between emulators and simulators, difference between emulator and simulator, Mobile devices, cloud based mobile testing, cloud-based mobile testing

Once the mobile application development is complete, carrying out pre-launch testing is a crucial step before releasing it to the market. Testing the application on different types of mobile devices benefits the developers in many ways, few are:

  • Application is released defect free, hence there is less chance of recalling it from the market
  • Can confidently communicate to customers that it is the trust-worthy application for buying
  • Usability can be experienced much before the target users
  • Performance, Security, Reliability can be enhanced as the next course of action, after functionality and usability

Read More…

Must have Chrome Extensions for Web Testing

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While testing web applications, testers access the application on a supported web browser. The browser is generally the one that most users would be using to access the application. And given the popularity of Google Chrome, almost every web application supports Chrome. So, when a tester manually tests the application on Chrome, he/ she has to test all functionalities and execute test cases with the proper test data. But in every flow, there come a few steps which are repetitive and which takes up quite a chunk of the testing time. And that is when Chrome extensions can come handy.

In this post, we would provide you a brief introduction into Chrome extensions and how they can speed up your manual testing. We would also share a list of 20 different Chrome extensions which can help yours with your regular web application testing.Read More…

Mobile Testing – The Complete Guide

Beginners Mobile Testing
Mobile Testing, Mobile Application Testing, Complete guide on Mobile Testing, Mobile Testing Tutorial, Mobile Application Testing Tutorial

Firstly, let’s analyze are we dependent on Mobile phones? Later on, we will look upon do we really need Mobile Testing, if so Why? This Mobile Testing Tutorial answers all the questions that the reader has.

  • Are we still using the telephone for conversations?
  • Are we still dependent on turning the PC or Laptop ON for Emailing / Chatting (Text / Audio / Video) / Browsing / and so on?
  • Need to submit the report urgently, but you are still on the way to the office?
  • Are we still standing in Queue to pay the electricity bill making it late to office?
  • Are we still every time visiting the stores to buy clothes, groceries?
  • Are we still dependent on agents to book the cab, bus, railway, flight tickets for us?

NO… Maybe, but not always. So what are we dependent on these days? Read More…

Compatibility Testing Tools

Compatibility Testing tools, Compatibility testing types, tools for compatibility testing, points for compatibility testing

In today’s world of competition, website and mobile applications are developed on a rapid basis. And this website and mobile applications are meant to run on different platforms. But, “How sure we are that the website or application built will run perfectly on all browsers and devices”. So, in order to overcome this type of thing we need Compatibility Testing, and tools to support it, Compatibility Testing Tools.Read More…

Checklist for different Software Testing Types

Checklist for software testing, checklist for software testing types, software testing checklist, basic checklist for software testing, testing checklist

Software testing professionals are considered as the GUARD of the SDLC process. This is not because of their capability to finding and reporting bugs, but rather for delivering a high-quality product. It is the tester or QA who is responsible for the delivery of the qualified product.  And in order to do this, they generally follow a Checklist during the whole testing life cycle. So, the very next thing which comes in our mind is, What is the Checklist all about? And how it helps in improving the product quality? Does Software Testing Checklist imply for all the different testing types? What should be included in Software Testing Checklist for various testing types?Read More…

Mobile Application Types – Native, Mobile Web, Hybrid

Beginners Mobile Testing
Mobile Application types, Native Apps, Mobile Web Apps, Hybrid Apps, Mobile Apps, Types of Mobile Apps, Mobile Apps types

When it comes to Mobile Applications testing, the terms like Native Apps, Mobile Web, and Hybrid Apps are quite often heard for Mobile Application types. These are the classifications for Mobile Applications and depends on App design, App development, and App deployment to the intended mobile device(s). Now the questions that arise are:

  • What are these Mobile Application types?
  • How are these Mobile Application types different from each other?
  • What are their Pros and Cons?
  • Which one to choose?

With this, we will proceed to understand on different Mobile Application types in this section.Read More…

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