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Bluetooth Devices Testing

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Bluetooth technology is designed to unify the capabilities of short-range radio communication and supports many applications (data transmission, graphics, audio, video, etc.) the full list of which is quite extensive and continues to be replenished. First of all, this technology is aimed at providing interaction between devices belonging to different industries: computers, mobile communications, car market. This article provides insight to such Bluetooth device testing.Read More…

Compliance is Good But Not Enough in Web Security

Compliance, Compliance testing in Web security, Compliance in web security, is compliance sufficient in web security

While testing a web application for security, we must try to expose as many vulnerabilities as possible. And compliance testing is one way of doing so. It should be admitted up front: compliance is a good thing. Read More…

Test Case Writing Sample Template

Software Testing Templates
Test Case Writing sample template

Test Case writing is an integral task of every testing team. Be it automation or manual, every testing team creates test cases to map different client scenarios to the test cases. Every test case contains details of the test, the expected output along with the various other components. This Test Case Writing sample template gives an idea of what all has to be documented while designing test case documents.Read More…

Cross Browser Testing – HelpingTesters

Types of Testing
Cross Browser Testing

Readers, you should have heard the term Cross Browser Testing. In this article we will focus on understanding Cross Browser in all the aspects – What, Why, When, How, Who, etc.. have you encountered problems in accessing website or applications? Maybe, something like below: 

Case 1: Something is not working in the browser even after many tries. End up calling customer support to get the issue resolved. The response that got is to try on another browser. Wow!! It’s working absolutely correct now. Read More…

Top 50+ Automation Framework Software Testing Interview Questions

Automation Framework Software Testing Interview Questions, Automation Framework

Attending the Testing Interview for Automation? Take a look at Top 50+ Automation Framework Software Testing Interview Questions

1. What is a Framework?

The framework is an automation guideline for maintaining the consistency of testing, Minimum usage of code, Improves test structure, Less maintenance of code, Improve re-usability, Involvement of Non Technical testers in code, Reducing the training period of using the tool. Read More…

Smart TV Testing – Emerging Domain

Smart TV Testing

Today, in this post we will be learning about Smart TV and why do we need Smart TV testing. Smart TV is getting slowly in-demand due to the rise of video streaming services such as YouTube, Netflix and Hulu Plus; Internet radio from services like Pandora and Rhapsody; social networking from sites like Twitter and Facebook; apps and games and much more. Basically, a Smart TV is the one with the capability to get connected to the Internet and be able to play the content on it through Internet along with playing the TV content through broadcast services which are coming through the local cable service. Alike smartphone, there are also apps developed for Smart TVs which user can directly use on the TV. And Smart TV Testing has been considered as an emerging domain.Read More…

Role of Testers in Agile

Roles of Agile Tester

Compared to the traditional waterfall model of software development, the role of a software tester in an Agile model is expected to be much more than limiting themselves to testing and defect logging activities. A tester in an Agile team works closely with developers and product owner in terms of product roadmap and feature testing. Moreover, s/he also works on product improvements and quality aspects of the application. Here we will learn the possible roles of Agile Tester in any of the project practicing this methodology.Read More…

Continuous Testing, its scope and Importance

Types of Testing
Continuous Testing

Testing is considered a very important phase of the Software Development Life Cycle.But according to few, software testing is a very small thing and the main task is to find and report bugs and can be grabbed very easily. But in reality, the testing domain is not at all small as it seems and has a bright and vast prospectus. Testing does not only mean finding and reporting bugs but also have some other aspects like requirement analyzing, creating the test plan, test case creation, reporting, creating metrics and so on. Now Continuous Testing is speeding the testing process so that testing just does not remain the set of sequential activities. It encourages multiple testings to be performed in parallel and continuously all through the process.Read More…

Popular 10 Continuous Testing Tools

Continuous Testing Tools
As discussed earlier in the previous blog, that Continuous testing is a process of executing automated tests of the software or product which is in the delivery pipeline with the intent to get instant feedback on the software to be delivered. Continuous testing has become so popular for Agile methodology or DevOps not only because the way the testing is done but, much of its credit goes to the tools which are being used for performing the testing. There many tools which are used for performing the continuous testing. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the continuous testing tools which are widely used by many companies. 

Read More…

Whats new in Selenium 3.0

Selenium Tutorial
Selenium 3.0

Before starting with What’s new in Selenium 3.0, we shall first glance through Selenium 2.0.

Walk Through of Selenium 2.0

Minimum Java version required is below 1.8

  • Support Firefox browser version below 47.0
  • It supports IE Versions 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11. Version 11 requires additional configuration.
  • It supports HeadLess Browser with HtmlWebDriver
  • Last 2.x version was v2.53.0. This was a stable build means it has no major issues.
  • Selenium 2 supported selenium core for backward compatibility. 

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