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Integration of Jenkins with Selenium WebDriver

Selenium Tutorial
Jenkins, Continuous Integration, Jenkins in Continuous Integration, Jenkins and Selenium WebDriver, Jenkins and WebDriver

In this tutorial, we will learn about Continuous Integration using Jenkins. There are a lot of tools which can implement Continuous Integration in which Jenkins is the most popular. Read More…

Web Application Firewalls vs. Security Scanners – A Not So Subtle Difference

web application firewalls and security scanners, WAF, Security Scanners, web application firewalls, WAF vs Security Scanners

All testers know that most applications come in 3 basic layers, namely UI, Application, and Database. And when all these layers are chained together, what you get is a functioning web-application. The Open Systems Interconnection (or OSI) model is a categorization of the layers of a datagram packet, from physical all the way to, for example, a web application.  When we do firewall, we are often working in Layer 2 or Layer 3, which is much simpler — MAC addresses, IP addresses, packet headers, etc., these are easy to extract and work with.  However, all the way up at Layer 7, the content is completely dynamic, consisting of HTTP headers, binary data, and a mess of standards, so filtering on this content can sometimes border on the impossible. There is also protection of the web application through web application firewalls and security scanners. Read More…

Complete Guide to Test Cloud based SAAS Application

SaaS Applications, SaaS Application, Cloud based SaaS Application, Challenges in testing SaaS Applications, Automated testing tools for SaaS Application

We use online services on a daily basis. It can be as small as sending an MMS, reading an email, listening to music, playing a game etc. All these online services are possible because of cloud computing services. Today’s topic is all about knowing SaaS applications and how we can test these type of applications. But before learning about SaaS application, we need to know what cloud computing is. Let’s get started.
Read More…

Understanding Mobile Application Testing

Beginners Mobile Testing
Mobile Application, Mobile application testing, mobile applications testing, mobile applications, Mobile Application Testing Strategy, Challenges in Mobile Application Testing

Day-to-day, there are lot many mobile applications getting released to market, and its success depends on consumer’s acceptance. If the mobile application is not efficient enough to satisfy consumer’s requirements, it’s very common to switch to other similar application available in the market. Also, another reason that consumer switch to other applications is that, the cost – we have applications that are cost-free and cost-applied. If the basic necessities are fulfilled by cost-free application, then it’s more likely for the consumer to opt for a cost-free application rather than to go with costly one. Apart from these, there are many other reasons why the mobile applications are non-competitive and fail in the market. The Hidden secret to the success of any Mobile application is the strong Strategy. To proceed, we will try to first understand: what is Mobile Application Testing, importance, challenges, etc…Read More…

Selenium GRID with Webdriver

Selenium Tutorial
Selenium Grid, Selenium Grid with WebDriver, Selenium Grid and WebDriver, WebDriver with Selenium Grid

Selenium Grid is a part of the Selenium Suite that specializes in running multiple tests at the same time on different machines, different browsers, and different operating systems. Read More…

Test Execution Report Template

Software Testing Templates
test execution reports, test execution report, sample test execution report, test execution report template, test execution report sample template, test summary report

As a tester, you have to create, use and deliver various reports and documents to the development team, testing manager and product owner. These are generally used by the project manager, product owner, and other testers to get a brief overview of the testing progress, and how testing is being conducted for the impending release. One such reports to be shared across the team is Test Execution Reports.Read More…

Migration Testing – Complete Guide

Types of Testing
Migration testing, migration, application migration, database migration, server migration, OS migration, operating system migration

Many times, it happens in software organization that application is upgraded or moved to the different server. It means that either the application in moving to new technology or the application has moved to new server location or database has been moved to the different database server. And, this is where Migration Testing comes into account.Read More…

Testers with Domain Knowledge paid More

domain tester, difference between domain tester and novice tester, tester with domain knowledge, domain testing expert

What happened earlier was that companies used to hire manual testers with required testing skills to test software products irrespective of the domain relevant to the product. But with the change in time,  organizations started looking for specialized testers who were a quiet expert in the particular domain relevant to the company which not only ensured quality product delivery but also was helpful in imparting improved features to the application. It is quite important to know the difference between Domain tester and Novice tester or tester which may be having big experience but is not having domain knowledge. Read More…

Testing without Requirements

Software Testing Templates
testing without requirements, no requirements to test, challenges when there is no requirement to test

Testing is an art which is followed to improve the product quality. Every Software is developed and tested based on the requirement. But the task becomes more challenging when the testers have to perform the testing without requirements. The STLC process has helped the tester performing the testing in a very fluent and sophisticated manner, But Have we ever thought of the situation if there is no Requirement available for the project? Then How to continue with the testing process? What exactly to be tested? What type of testing to be done? and so on. Read More…

What is Mobile(Device) Testing

Beginners Mobile Testing
Mobile testing, mobile device testing, mobile device tests, mobile tests planning

Mobile Testing and Mobile Applications Testing are the terms that are commonly misunderstood as a single concept. No, these terms are not the same. They have their own meaning and the way of testing as well. In this article, we will try to understand the concepts of Mobile Testing (also known as Mobile Device Testing). Read More…

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