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What is Black Box Testing

September 18, 2017 Types of Testing
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As the software tester, it is the common thing to know that we have two classifications for Software Testing: Static testing and Dynamic Testing. If Static testing is the Verification activity which is all about reviews, then Dynamic testing is the Validation activity which is about actually testing whether the application/product is working as per the business requirements. Again the dynamic testing is further classified into Functional and Non-functional Testing. And Functional testing is where the concept of Black Box Testing usually comes into account.

Synonyms for Black Box Testing: Functional Testing, Behavioral Testing, Closed-box Testing, Opaque-box TestingRead More…

What is Compatibility Testing – HelpingTesters

September 16, 2017 Types of Testing
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Compatibility testing is the non-functional testing mechanism which ensures the responsiveness of the software on all the key browsers, operating systems, and devices. This process evaluates how the systems react to various network capacities, database configurations, and diverse hardware settings. Read More…

Reviewing Test Cases

September 14, 2017
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As the software testers or QA Engineers are involved in the software development life cycle from the very initial stage, so writing test cases based on the project requirement at the early stage of the software development lifecycle and then reviewing the test cases is one of the vital process which need to be followed in Software testing process. Test case review is done basis on some rules or checklist. Reviewing test cases not only ensure the spelling and grammatical checking but also ensure that each and every function which is mentioned in the software requirement document and user stories are covered. Test case review is generally carried out in the Implementation Phase of STLC to ensure the correctness of the test cases. To ensure the completion and success of any test cases, it should be thoroughly reviewed. Reviewing test cases not only increase the test case quality but also enhance the product quality and thus making product globally acceptable.The test case which is to be review should be accurate enough and should follow the standards for test case writing. Read More…

Popular 50+ Appium Interview Questions

September 12, 2017 Appium Tutorial
Appium Interview Questions, Appium Interview Questions pdf, Appium Interview Questions and answers

1. What is Appium? (Important: Appium Interview Questions)
Appium is an open source,cross-platform test automation tool used for native,hybrid and mobile web apps,which can test on simulators(iOS,FirefoxOS), emulators(Android), and real devices(iOS,Android,FirefoxOS). Read More…

JMeter Interview Questions

September 10, 2017 JMeter Tutorial
JMeter Interview Questions, JMeter Interview Guide, JMeter Interview

1. What is Performance Testing? (Important JMeter Interview Questions)

Performance testing is the measure of application’s response in situations of stress in terms of the number of users, amount of data etc. This type of testing helps to prepare for expected load and understand the amount of load an application can withstand. Read More…

JMeter Best Practices

JMeter Tutorial

JMeter is a popular tool and is being used on a very high level to do performance testing. It helps to find out response time, Average time, load that application can withstand etc. Knowing the tool is one thing but using it efficiently is another. In this blog, we will be discussing JMeter best Practices that one should follow while using JMeter. Read More…

File Upload in JMeter

JMeter Tutorial
File upload in JMeter, JMeter File Upload, Uploading file in JMeter

In this blog, we will see how we can File upload in JMeter. This will help to do load testing of scenarios where upload is required. One can increase the load by increasing number of users and check the behavior of the application when the load is increased. Whether the user is able to upload successfully or not. Read More…

JMeter Rest API Testing with Example

JMeter Tutorial
JMeter Rest API Testing, JMeter Rest Web Service Testing, JMeter Rest Service Example,

In this section, we are going to discuss how to create a test plan in order to JMeter Rest API Testing. REST or Representational State Transfer APIS are most popular.They are being commonly used as they are simple to use. API or Application programming interface is a method or a function that is exposed by an application to other applications. This enables communication between applications. They act as a bridge. API may be public or private. Read More…

Timers in JMeter

JMeter Tutorial
Timers in JMeter, Constant Timers in Jmeter, timers in jmeter with examples

We have covered about creating a Test plan and adding Thread group, Controllers, and Samplers to it. When the test run is initiated then requests which are added through Samplers hit the servers without any delay. This is unrealistic behavior as in real time every user does take a pause between performing actions on the website. It may not be possible to note the exact delay that each user takes but we can assume a delay based on workflow and desired behavior. Many times a request is hit to the server after receiving the response from the first request. Timers are added in JMeter to add some delay to the requests. One needs to be very careful in adding value to Timers in Jmeter as underestimating and overestimating it will give false results. Read More…

Listeners in JMeter

JMeter Tutorial
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Once all components of a Test Plan are added one can run the test. But, results of the test run can be viewed through Listeners in Jmeter. It listens to actions that are taking place in the script. Listeners in Jmeter records and displays result in different formats like table, graph and log files etc. They help the user to visualize the results and analyze request sent and the response received. Read More…