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Popular 10 Continuous Testing Tools

November 15, 2017
Continuous Testing Tools

As discussed earlier in the previous blog, that Continuous testing is a process of executing automated tests of the software or product which is in the delivery pipeline with the intent to get instant feedback on the software to be delivered. Continuous testing has become so popular for Agile methodology or DevOps not only because the way the testing is done but, much of its credit goes to the tools which are being used for performing the testing. There many tools which are used for performing the continuous testing. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the continuous testing tools which are widely used by many companies. 

Below are the 10 popular Continuous Testing Tools that are used extensively:

1. IBM Rational Test WorkBench

website: https://www.ibm.com/in-en/marketplace/rational-test-workbench

Rational Test Workbench is an IBM’s Continuous testing tool. It includes different types of testing like API testing, functional testing, performance testing and so on and makes it an easy job to run at a much earlier phase of the development cycle with the intent to discover the error and it also helps the tester to keep a pace with the developer.

Performing regression testing is a vital part of the testing phase and helps in maintaining the software quality. But, performing regression testing is a difficult job and is much time taking.So, here comes the use of Rational Test Workbench tool, using which regression testing is performed automation based on the new changes without any manual effort and it can be done in a short period of time.

Some of the features of Rational Test WorkBench-

  • Less time consuming as compared to manual regression testing.
  • Less or no manual effort required for running the test.
  • Ensure that the development team is working effectively with functional, performance and integration automation testing.
  • Problems and errors can be detected at the early stage of the development cycle.
  • Performance scenarios can be created by the developer or software testers to identify the bottleneck in an integrated infrastructure that is limiting performance.
  • Can ensure product quality throughout the development cycle.
  • Provides a consistent user experience for all domains with fully-integrated authoring environment.

2. Parasoft

website: https://www.parasoft.com/

Parasoft is one of the well-known Continuous Testing Tools for performing functional testing, but it is one of the tools which can also be used for performing continuous testing. Parasoft Continuous testing solutions help organization and companies to deliver a defect-free software efficiently. It ensures that the delivered software should fulfill the project requirement and should always work as expected. With the integration of end to end testing, test environment management, it reduces the time and cost and helps in delivering a secure, reliable, acceptable and a complaint free product. API testing and automated defect prevention technologies are enabled in Parasoft, because of which it is considered and used as a continuous testing tool. It can be used by Lean and Agile Development teams and as well as DevOps Organization.

Why should you use Parasoft?

  • It acts as a bridge between the business objectives and software development activities.
  • Reduce the risk related to the software or product delivery.
  • Reduce the time and cost for the software development process.
  • Ensure a better project quality by removing the undiscovered defects.

3. Tricentis Tosca

website: https://www.tricentis.com/

Tricentis Tosca is another Continuous testing tool developed by Tricentis used for end to end automation for the software application under development. This is also a similar tool like other tools that accelerate testing to keep a pace with Agile and DevOps.It uses the most frequently noted technologies related to Risk-based testing and Model-based testing. Tricentis Tosca has overcome the conventional software testing process by introducing industries most innovative functional testing technologies. It is combines of multiple aspects of software testing like- designing of a test case, test automation, design of test data, analytics and so on for testing the API and GUI from the business perspective. Other than functional testing, Tricentis Tosca can also be used for GUI testing, API testing, Mobile testing, Service virtualization, Test data design and generation, Business intelligence testing, and Exploratory testing.

Features of Tricentis Tosca:

  • Reduce the risk related to the software or product delivery.
  • Reduce the time for running the regression suite for weeks to few minutes.
  • Help in gaining proper sight of the inside risk in the software to be delivered.
  • Used proven and demanding market-leading technologies to achieve sustainable automation.
  • Model-based test automation used to maximize the reuse and maintainability.
  • Can ensure product quality throughout the development cycle.

4. SmartBear TestComplete

website: https://smartbear.com/

SmartBear Software is a privately held software company which provides different types of Continuous Testing tools, API testing (SoapUI, LoadUI) tools, Application Performance Monitoring (AlertSite) tools, Automation Testing (Test Complete) tools, Software Development and API Management tools.  Among which SmartBear TestComplete is tested platform built for continuous testing, which helps in executing automation tests in Android, iOS and web applications. Tests can be scripted, recorded with keyword driven operations. As discussed above, it is divided into 3 modules- Mobile, Web, and Desktop, and be used to functional testing, front-end testing, and back-end testing. It Supports different types of testing like- Functional (or GUI) testing, Distributed testing, Regression testing, Keyword testing, Mobile application testing, Web testing, Unit testing, Coverage testing, Data-driven testing and much more. And it supports different scripting language like- JScript,  VBScript, Python, Visual Basic and so on.

Let’s discuss the features of TestComplete

  • Helps in performing the GUI related testing very easily.
  • Tests can be scripted, recorded with keyword driven operations that correspond to automated testing actions.
  • It includes an issue- tracking template, that can be used to modify items in issue tracking systems.
  • It supports multiple scripting languages.
  • The GUI recognition algorithm helps in running the regression testing even when there are some changes in the UI.
  • With the support of custom extensions and plugins, the Testcomplete functions can be expanded based on need.
  • It also has the feature of recording the automation test activity without the knowledge of scripting language.

5. SeaLights

website: www.sealights.io

SeaLights is the first cloud-based continuous testing tool developed by Sealights Technologies Ltd. This tool helps the developers, testers, and manager to under the same platform with high-quality releases. It also increases the release speed too much extent. It supports different types of testing with the Agile methodology like- unit testing, regression testing, functional testing, integration testing, etc and combines all types of testing to measure single Test Coverage.

Basic Features of SeaLights

  • Helps in preventing the untested code changes to get deployed in the production.
  • Increase the quality and speed up the release.
  • Helps in measuring the code coverage for regression, API, and integration testing.
  • Helps in maintaining the test status and quality metrics across all testing tools and environment automatically.
  • It also helps in identifying the Black holes, which are untested or high risks from both unit and functional testing.

6. Ranorex

website: https://www.ranorex.com/

Ranorex is one the Continuous Testing Tools which is also used to perform GUI test automation framework. Using Ranorex testing can be performed in desktop, mobile, and web-based applications. Though it does have any scripting language of its own, it supports standard programming languages like VB.net and C#.It supports different technologies like- Windows desktop client application (.NET, JAVA,Win32,etc), Web technologies (HTML, HTML5, JavaScript, Ajax,etc), Cross browser testing (IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari) and Mobile Applications (native iOS and Android applications).

Some of the important features of Ranorex are:

  • It can easily identify or filter the GUI related objects with the use of RanoreXPATH.
  • Has its own test automation library for .NET.
  • With record and replay feature, it records the test and convert the recorded test in C# or VB.net code and generates the report.
  • Tests can be easily executable as the test suites with Ranorex results in .EXE files.

7. XL TestView

website: https://xebialabs.com/products/

XL Testview is another continuous testing tools provided by XebiaLabs. XL TestView is a test management and analysis tool which helps in aggregate, visualize and analyze all of the testing quality data about the application in delivery pipeline. No matter how many test cases are executed, XL testview give the required information at the fingertip. And also helps in creating the dashboard as required by combining the perspectives and concerns, so there is a single source of true insight for application quality. Other than only showing the results, the XL TestView also helps in taking critical decisions based on the quality criteria even when there are multiple releases for the production per day. 

8. TestPlant

website: https://www.testplant.com/

One of the important and strongest continuous testing tools built by eggplant is the TestPlant. TestPlant reduces and solved the Application crises with the Al-Powered Digital Automation Intelligence testing suite. TestPlant emphasis more on the user experience by giving importance to the UI with the use of different features like image search, text recognition, and image recognition. It can be universally used for testing any devices, operating systems and technologies including highly graphic and dynamic application, mobile applications, the end to end testing, embedded system testing and so on. Takes a user-centric approach for testing intuitive, cross-browser and that covers entire user experience. Achieve greater coverage of the user experience and tests what actually the user can see.

9. LogiGear

website: http://www.logigear.com/

LogiGear provides continuous testing solutions by helping improvement in the test automation strategies and also helps in the transformation of DevOps environment. LogiGear provides a single unified platform for quality reporting and collaboration. The unified platform features of LogiGear have solved the major problem of lack of systematic framework and methodology faced by many companies. Among all features, the most important is that it solves many of the test automation challenges in a framework which works with the API layer of test automation. Test Architect is the solution of LogiGear which helps in developing a large volume of code and it can be used in the continuous testing also.

 10. Silk Test

website: https://www.microfocus.com

Silk Test is one of the continuous testing tools which is a reliable, efficient and most powerful automation testing tools for functional and regression testing tool used in web, mobile, and enterprises applications. It is provided by Micro Focus. Silk Test have the ability to create automated test without codes thus helping the testers to keep up the pace with the development process.  It supports almost all technologies, including AJAX, web, mobile web, Java, NET, client/server, terminal host, and SAP systems. It is easy to use and minimize test and fix cycles while optimizing costly resources. It can be used to perform functional, regression, cross-platform and localization testing.

Asim is ISTQB certified tester, expert in QA/Testing with a Master’s in Computer Application, whether it is Mobile testing (Android, iOS and windows) or website testing he always lead the way in IT systems efficiency and a swift resolution of issues minimizing his employer’s risk.

About the author

Asim Mondal author

Asim is ISTQB certified tester, expert in QA/Testing with a Master's in Computer Application, whether it is Mobile testing (Android, iOS and windows) or website testing he always lead the way in IT systems efficiency and a swift resolution of issues minimizing his employer’s risk.

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