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Welcome to HelpingTesters Practice applications where students can practice on our Practice applications for learning manual and automation testing tools. If you have any more idea and scenarios to be covered in below sample application than please let us know at

Welcome to sample application for practicing Software testing. Project consists of sample application which is having some bugs.

We are HelpingTesters!

  1. Download the Requirement Document
  2. Prepare test cases, download the sample testcases Testcases.xlsx
  3. Visit URL HelpingTesters Football Club and test the website as per test case developed.
  4. Pass/Fail the test case sheet.
  5. Find all the defects, find sample bugs Bug Sheet.xlsx

Practice Selenium and other web automation tools. This sample have many independent feature where you are individually run scripts and learn the automation tool.

Selenium Practice Application

To develop end to end Selenium automation project on live website, use this sample project

Selenium Practice E2E Application

Sample application on angular Js to practise Protractor and other web automation tools. use this

sample project Protractor Practice Application

Performance Testing Sample Application

Download below application on local and practice performance testing

Download sample 1

Download sample 2 and Steps to Install

You can practice some basic rest API’s like post, put, get and delete.

REST API Practice Application Download API Doc