Helping Testing Football Club

HelpingTesters Football Club was established in June 2012 in Noida by HelpingTesters.com. The foundation of the club is laid on the goal to help football growth in India at grassroot level. It is with that thought that we try our best to base our tactics so that everyone can have a great game and are able to express themselves on the pitch. Win or lose, we keep moving forward, with only thoughts of improvement as we go on.

As of 2017, HelpingTesters Football Club is now a registered Football club as a Society.

We are men of moments! The moments when everything goes wrong, when we come across immensely talented players and the bad days at the office. These are what have defined us as our players thrive on such moments. These situations ask us to be better than we have ever been, to raise our game, and to always find a way to turn around things. This is when we fight together as a team for every inch on the pitch.

Give us that inch and we will take a yard, give us a yard and we will make the net ripple.

We believe in fair play and pride ourselves on helping our players develop on and off the pitch into valuable members of the society.

We place teamwork above everything. This is embodied in our philosophy “For the other ten men”. play for the rest of us.

We are HelpingTesters!