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5 Best Alternate Career Option for a Tester

May 8, 2017
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It is quite natural that once the student completes formal education like the completion of degree courses like Bachelor of Engineering/Technology or Master of Computer Application, he/she want to settle down happily in life with good career option. There are many career opportunities available to them. QA careers are one of them. Happiness and sustainability of job are assured in software testing as it is independent of constantly changing technologies.

  • Choosing career is not an easy task. Everyone wants to go in technology that will have a longer life. Testing has to be done on all the application where the customer wants to have a quality product. There is the scope of testing for all the applications irrespective of the technology being used to develop the application. In short, QA careers is secured profession with a fantastic scope.
  • However, many testing professionals think that QA careers is inferior to software development and not good when it comes to growth and compensation. It is not considered challenging. Many testing professional find it as a boring and monotonous QA careers.
  • However, QA careers professionals’ especially manual tester should know that Software testing is vast domain and lots of career opportunities are there. Testers can work in various domains of testing like Performance Testing, Automation Testing, Security testing, Mobile Testing, Database testing, White Box testing, Web services testing etc. The manual tester can by learning extra stuff, can go into various domains of testing. There is a good demand of people in various domains of testing.
  • Even if a manual tester is not interested in continuing in any domains of testing, he/she can try to learn coding and new technology to pursue a career in other domains of software engineering or he/she can learn new tools with good demand in the software market. Perusing manual testing for a long time is not a good thing with the increase in experience.
  • If one has to grow in professional career, he/ she should try to learn new technology or tools. Also if one is not interested in learning new skills, then it is better for him to look for a job in other fields because, in the software field, one is required to update himself/ herself with latest tools and technologies with increasing experience.

Now since we know that it is quite difficult to survive in software industry with just skill of manual testing for longer time or if the testing professionals want to see carrier in other domain, such professionals can avail following career option which greatly suits to QA careers software testing professionals:

Process Engineer

Software testing professional with big tenure are well acquainted with the defined procedure to maintain the standard of the process being followed in the organization and maintain the quality of the project delivered. These testing professional can help and guide an organization to follow standard norms and get certified with industry standard programs such as ISO and CMMI. Many testing professionals are in this profession and market is having good requirement of such skilled professional.

Scrum Master

In today’s software world, most of the companies are adopting an agile methodology to deliver the constantly changing and evolving software project. Reason being that client is not totally clear with the requirement at the initial stage and with continuous change and inclusion of new requirement phase by phase, the project is developed. There is the self-organized dedicated team working for it and one can choose a career as Scrum master as Scrum Master facilitates the working of the team and ensures that there is no impediment is there in the working of the self-organized development team and remove it if any.

Tech Publication

It is also good career option and one should be having the working knowledge of the technology/tools or product. Though it may not require very deep knowledge of technical stuff, one can do so with little-enhanced writing skill and little learning of the stuff on which he/she is going to write. Many testing professionals prepare white papers related to technical stuff which is placed many times on company’s website also.

People Manage (Best QA careers Alternative)

People Manager in the organization is responsible for managing team, effectively handle team member’s grievances, maintain and track the progress of the project as well as a team. People Manager take care of appraisals and leaves of a team member.

DevOps roles

Testing professional usually automation testing professional can easily fit themselves into DevOps role which helps an organization to deploy the quality product in the production environment in minimal time. DevOps involves Automation testing, continuous integration (with Jenkins) and Continuous delivery(using Git), so it is not that hard for testing professional to get into it.

Apart from above, testing professionals go through lots of work experience in various positions in organizations which not only manage QA testing process but also is Customer Experience Leader as testing professional is supposed to understand the software application from customer’s perspective and suggest the modification for the betterment of the application. Also Testing professional can be the Product manager and do product management by continuously reviewing and analyzing the product and ensure deliver of quality product to the client. Testing Professionals can be enterprise architecture to guide the organization to follow standard process and practices to achieve desired goals.

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