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13 points to remove Boredom in Software Testing

April 24, 2017
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Not only tester but any human being can sometimes feel bored from his work. It can be for short time or for long. We are sharing this article dedicated to software testers which will help them to reduce boredom in their work and can work dedicatedly and happily. If an employee in losing interest in his work then the loss is not just of the company but its effect on an individual are very high and it should be taken seriously and to be worked on. In our last article 10 Reason for Software Testing is Boring we have shared some reasons to remove boredom.

Worried about Future

Worrying about the job is a major reason for making software testing bore as he is thinking about below points:

  • My low package
  • Technical knowledge
  • Team issues
  • Job Insecurity

What the reason would be, always stick on “increase you testing skills” and other things will be removed sooner or later. Make yourself to be MOST RECRUITABLE, so the sense of job insecurity will be automatically removed and you can give your 100%.

Laying Daily Target

It is the best practice to have a check on yourself. Daily at morning make a list what you be doing today for example Testing build, reading a blog, learning a programming language, watching the video or whatever just note them and before sleeping just go through it again to identify what you achieve today. By this way, you can utilize your time properly and increase your efficiency as it will tell you in during the day you were productive or were just day dreaming.

Write Blogs

If you want to be updated in your field than best is to write blogs for any website or company. Subscribe to newsletters so you always know want is latest in the market, how the trend is going. When you opt for writing blogs then you need to do a lot of RnD for the topic and you get to learn many new concepts which add to your knowledge, moreover writing in words will make sure you remember same for a long duration.

Ask for Work

It popular saying “if want something then you need to ask for it”. Considering you are doing repetitive manual testing and you are losing interest, then on partially you are also responsible if you aren’t asking for more/different work. Tell management to include you in automation, you will learn and complete the task. Every management wants their employee should take responsibilities and learn new tools. Moreover, when you are busy than a sense of getting bored will not come in your mind.

Word Area

It’s a saying when you look good then you feel good. So it is important to make sure below points are achieved:

  • Clean cubical
  • Unnecessary folder removed from desktop
  • Remove unnecessary wirings in table
  • Remove old prints from board

Knowledge Session

Make a group of testers in company and schedule monthly or weekly meeting for performing combine tasks to create value in software testing.

  • Knowledge Sessions
  • Testathon
  • Intellimeet
  • Quizzes
  • Crowd Testing

Take Break to Remove Boredom

It is really important to take short breaks between continuous work, it is recommended to take 10-15 min break after 1 hour of work. It sounds fun by saying this but it is really necessary for your mood refreshment and to recharge your brain cells.

Set your Goals

Working without a goal is a major factor for boredom. Set your goals short term and long term. Discuss same with your menta visor and put efforts to achieve them. Always give a thought for similar below points:

Where do I need to be after 5 years?

Where do I need to be after 10 years?

What I wanted to achieve or learn in this year.

What my career path would be test architect or test manager.

Negative People

It’s an old saying which are parents say, always make hardworking persons as your friend. It is true if you, because if you get influenced by negative people than their negative thinking would come in your mind definitely. Consider your colleague in testing giving your reason that he is moving to MBA as no scope in testing. If you don’t have good knowledge of software testing career than probably you will also be influenced by his conversation.

Read Article

It is said you enter into another world whenever you read. By reading articles/blog/ white paper you can gain knowledge from the experiences of other. No specific time allocation is required for reading, you can ready anywhere on your mobile.

Knowledge Sharing

Don’t keep knowledge with yourself. Share will other to gain self-confidence. Help junior when they are stuck, take knowledge meets with the team to share any new learning you have achieved.


It’s human nature we get bored. There can be many reasons for same, and to overcome is to take vacations. Take leave and visit some hill station to relax body and soul. Many companies have made it mandatory to take a vacation once is a year, mostly they do for Christmas month.

Positive for your Company

Always work with someone whom you are inspired with. If you won’t get a positive feeling for a company then chances are your productivity would be low and feel boredom. Speak with higher management to know about company future plans. If still, you are not comfortable than switch job.

If you have felt or worked personally to remove boredom then we would be happy to know in comment section.

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Vaibhav is in software testing since a decade. Worked with different testing techniques along with exploratory testing. Performed different regression, performance, api etc testing with tools and libraries like selenium, jmeter, loadrunner, protractor, rest assured, Katalon Appium and others.

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