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Selenium Interview Questions

August 30, 2015 Selenium Tutorial
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In this section, we will be sharing most commonly interview questions for Selenium WebDriver. You are going to any years experience profile, just revise below questions. 

The difference between Absolute path & Relative path

Absolute path starts from “HTML” example “html/body/div[5]/div[2]/div/” Relative path is in reference to example “By.xpath(“//table[@id=’name’]”

Scenario: There is building let’s generate its path:

Zero Tower
Plot no. 2, Block 9
Jai Nath Street
Bangalore India
Tallest tower in Block 9, Bangalore

Tell me some TestNG Annotations

  • @BeforeSuite
  • @AfterSuite
  • @BeforeTest
  • @AfterTest
  • @BeforeGroups
  • @AfterGroups
  • @BeforeClass
  • @AfterClass
  • @BeforeMethod
  • @AfterMethod

What are Desired capabilities

Desired Capability is a series of key/value pairs that encapsulate aspects of a browser means we can set the behavior of the browser on the run time. Basically, the Desired Capabilities help to set properties for the WebDriver. A typical use case would be to set the path for the FireFoxDriver if our local installation doesn’t correspond to the default settings.

The difference between Selenium RC and Selenium Web driver

  • Selenium RC is old version of Selenium Web Driver
  • In Selenium RC we need to start the server, it acts as communication between Selenium RC and browser. Server injects code into the browser and executes automation.
  • In case of WebDriver, it communicates directly with Selenium RC
  • Also simple language we can selenium Webdriver is supported for Java Object Orient Programming.

What is Automation Framework

The framework is a process which will make automation develop and maintain in a team. Framework includes what would be folder structure, Common function library, how would be storing and fetching test data, how would be storing result, how continuous integration will be performed etc

What is the Difference between driver.Close() and driver.Quit () method?

Driver.close(): will close the browser which is in focus of web driver object

Driver.quit(): will close all the browsers and closes the session

How can we get the font size, font color, font type used for a particular text on a web page using Selenium web driver

System.out.println(“WebElement Font Size is : “+ driver.findElement(By.id(“submitbox”)).getCssValue(“font-size”));

System.out.println(“WebElement Font Color is : “+driver.findElement(By.id(“submitbox”)).getCssValue(“font-color”));

System.out.println(“WebElement Font Background Color is : “+driver.findElement(By.id(“submitbox”)).getCssValue(“background-color”));

How to Run Tests in Multiple Browser Parallel

Selenium-Grid allows you run your tests on different machines against different browsers in parallel

What is Selenium 2.0

Selenium 1.0:  Selenium RC

Selenium 2.0: Selenium WebDriver

How will you find an element using Selenium

  • By ClassName
  • By CssSelector
  • By ID
  • By LinkText
  • By Name
  • By TagName
  • By XPath

Mention what is the use of X-path

We can interact with Website with properties ID, CLASSNAME, NAME etc XPath is another way to navigate through elements and attributes in an XML document. As per W3C:

  • XPath is a syntax for defining parts of an XML document
  • XPath uses path expressions to navigate in XML documents
  • XPath contains a library of standard functions
  • XPath is a major element in XSLT
  • XPath is a W3C recommendation

Technical Challenges with Selenium

  • Selenium Supports only web based applications
  • It doesn’t support any non-web based (Java Applet, Java Swing, .Net Client Server etc) applications
  • Since Selenium is a free tool, there is no direct support available
  • Bitmap comparison is not supported by Selenium
  • No direct reporting, logging, test data handling feature available
  • Need to learn language for scripting with selenium
  • Sometimes pages take more time to load when working with Selenium.
  • For uploading and downloading file no separate feature present, sometimes need to take help of window automation tools like AutoIT.
  • No built in repository available, have to use .properties file or other feature to create object repository

What are the Advantages of Selenium

  • Supports multiple browsers
  • Provides the option of using wide range of IDEs such as Eclipse, Netbeans etc
  • Supports multiple languages JAVA, NET, Ruby etc
  • Very large Selenium community
  • Selenium is open source. Most open source tools support other open source tools
  • Selenium supports Continuous Integration
  • Various options to find element on website
  • Same developed scripts run on multiple browsers

Mention what is the Difference between Implicit wait and Explicit wait?

We tell the web driver to wait for specific time suppose 10seconds before any web element Implicit wait: be visible on the website. The implicit wait is applied to all element present after declaring once. 

Implicit wait: is applied to all element present after declaring once. If an element is visible in 2 seconds that web driver won’t wait for next 8 seconds.

Explicit wait: wait is applied for a specific element, not all elements. In Explicit wait, we tell web driver to wait for this specific element till any condition is fulfilled. Example wait for submit button for 10 seconds till the element becomes clickable.

Explain what is the Difference between find element() and find elements()

findElement() will return only single WebElement and if that element is not located or we use some wrong selector then it will throw NoSuchElement exception. If multiple elements are present with the same selector then it will give the first element.

findElements() will return List of WebElements – for this, we need to give locator in such a way that it can find multiple elements

Explain what is Data driven framework and Keyword driven

Data-driven framework: In this test are created, verified and executed on the basis of test data stored in some database either Excel, SQL etc. In the simplest form, the tester supplies the inputs from a row in the table and expects the outputs which occur in the same row.

Keyword-driven framework: Also known as table-driven testing or action word based testing. This method separates the documentation of test cases -including the data to use- from the prescription of the way the test cases are executed. As a result, it separates the test creation process into two distinct stages: a design and development stage, and an execution stage.

What is Object Repository

Object Repository is the location where we can store information/properties of our elements, scripts identify the properties from Object Repository to identify them.

How do you verify if the Checkbox/Radio is checked or not


How do you launch IE/chrome browser

You need to download the executable file for chrome/IE and run commands

System.setProperty(“webdriver.chrome.driver”, “path to executable file”);

WebDriver driver = new ChromeDriver();

How do you upload a file

We can use Selenium “sendKeys” function if it didn’t work then we need to use help of windows Automation Tools like Auto IT

How do you get the current page URL


How to get typed text from a textbox




What are the prerequisites to run selenium web driver

Knowledge of Java and any other supported Programming language

What is Selenium Grid

Selenium Grid allows you run your tests on different machines against different browsers in parallel. That is, running multiple tests at the same time against different machines running different browsers and operating systems

How to get the title of the page


FirefoxDriver is class or an interface


How do you handle https website in selenium

FirefoxProfile myProfile = allProfiles.getProfile(“CertificateIssue”);


HTML unit driver is the lightest weight and fastest implementation headless browser for WebDriver

What are the benefits of using TestNG

  • It generates logs.
  • You can do parallel testing.
  • Annotations help to set program/function priority easy.
  • Allow generating HTML report of execution.
  • You can group test cases.
  • You can set test cases priorities.
  • You can do data Parameterization.

What is the use of AutoIt tool

AutoIt v3 is a freeware BASIC-like scripting language designed for automating the Windows GUI and general scripting.

How to perform double click using WebDriver

Actions action = new Actions(driver);

WebElement element = driver.FindElement(By.id(“submit”))   action.DoubleClick(element).Build().Perform();

What is the difference b/w getWindowHandles() and getWindowHandle()

getWindowHandles()- is used to get the address of all the open browser and its return type is Iterator<String>.

getWindowHandle()- is used to get the address of the current browser where the control is and return type is String.

What are the limitations of Selenium IDE

Selenium IDE is record and play tool can only support Mozilla browser

How will you handle dynamic elements

We use Relative xPaths

 Which one is better XPath or CSS 

CSS Locator has better performance than the XPath Locator

What is actions class in WebDriver

The user-facing API for emulating complex user gestures. Use this class rather than using the Keyboard or Mouse directly.

About the author

Vaibhav Singhal author

Vaibhav is in software testing since a decade. Worked with different testing techniques along with exploratory testing. Performed different regression, performance, api etc testing with tools and libraries like selenium, jmeter, loadrunner, protractor, rest assured, Katalon Appium and others.


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