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Smart TV Testing – Emerging Domain

November 21, 2017
Smart TV Testing

Today, in this post we will be learning about Smart TV and why do we need Smart TV testing. Smart TV is getting slowly in-demand due to the rise of video streaming services such as YouTube, Netflix and Hulu Plus; Internet radio from services like Pandora and Rhapsody; social networking from sites like Twitter and Facebook; apps and games and much more. Basically, a Smart TV is the one with the capability to get connected to the Internet and be able to play the content on it through Internet along with playing the TV content through broadcast services which are coming through the local cable service. Alike smartphone, there are also apps developed for Smart TVs which user can directly use on the TV. And Smart TV Testing has been considered as an emerging domain.

  • Smart TVs are also typically DLNA certified (Digital Living Network Alliance), offering the features such as sharing of movies, photos, music and similar multimedia content from other DLNA-compliant PCs, tablet computers, smartphones and similar device.
  • Some of the examples of Smart TVs which are widely popular and rocking the digital markets these days are from the manufacturers like Samsung, LG, Roku TV and Android-based TV.
  • There is a lot of research and development going on Smart TV area by big player companies like Samsung and LG who keeps finding new ways to make Smart TV more interactive and adaptable according to the end users need. For example, There is one such company who has designed a Smart TV which can track your eye movement and based on that it can adjust its brightness and contrast to soothe your eyes based on the lighting available in the room.
  • Gradually Smart TV is becoming like a computer where the user can use social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ easily by simply attaching a USB keyboard to the USB port on the TV.

Factor affecting rise in demand for Smart TV

The demand for Smart TV and the related services are rising rapidly in today’s world. To meet the increasing demand we are also seeing the rapid growth in Software Development and Testing opportunities which are specific to the Smart TV apps. Following are the graphs showing the rise in demand for Smart TVs from 2010 to 2017.

Above statistic shows the number of TV sets connected to the internet around the world from 2010 to 2012 and also offers a forecast for 2018. The source estimates that by the end of 2018 there will be around 759.3 million connected TV sets globally.

Below statistic shows the production volume of smart television sets in China from 2014 to 2016. In 2016, about 93.1 million smart TV sets had been produced in China.

  • The demand for smart TV is increasing as the TV are coming with a complete solution. For example, Family who has kids can play kids rhymes on Youtube or cartoon films on Youtube and Netflix at any time.
  • They do not have to wait for a particular time or for a TV channel to broadcast the desired program. Smart TV provides the facility to watch the content you like at any time by accessing the media streaming apps as mentioned above.
  • Smart TV also enables users to play content on their mobile and tablet devices wirelessly. While this was not possible few years ago when the TV manufacturers have started giving the option of playing content from USB drive by attaching it to the USBs port of the TV.
  • Smart TV is also coming up with an inbuilt web browser which end users can use for browsing websites. Basically, Smart TV is eliminating the need for a laptop or a tablet use for browsing when the user is at home.
  • A trend is getting into the household that when the user sits on their couch to watch their favorite program that can do all the browsing related stuff at one place instead of having multiple devices for multiple purposes. Of course, some features like writing an email or writing a document can still not be done on a Smart TV.

Testing in Smart TV field

  • Whenever something gets very popular and is in high demand it naturally increases the need of the assurance of the quality of that product be it the quality in the form of hardware or in the form of software.
  • The quality checks for the hardware and the embedded software is the responsibility of the manufacturing company but the apps developed by various software companies for TV platform has to go through a detailed testing.
  • The Smart TV testing domain is clearly split between two departments one being testing the hardware components and the other being testing the software part of the Smart TV and how efficiently it is working with the underlying hardware.
  • The testing of such apps like Netflix depends on how much resources Netflix has put into the testing of their app for TV platform.
  • The Smart TV testing also includes the testing of different functionalities present in the middleware/UI of the TV.

Why Smart TV Testing is important as well as a promising career opportunity

  • As the demand for new smart TVs is rapidly expanding in the market, hence the need for testing for these TVs is also growing. The demand for testing is estimated to escalate in the coming years.
  • Smart TVs have an important place in consumer electronics market with the new and emerging technologies that they are constantly introducing to the users.
  • Quality of a product is a very important criterion in consumer electronics market as today’s end users have become a little less tolerant towards software-based problems on their smart systems which of course will not exclude smart TVs as well.
  • Manufacturing companies are hiring and require a high number of skilled labor to test their product before launching it in the real market.
  • As the Smart TV manufacturer is making the TV OS compatible for third-party apps so it is important to make sure that the Smart TV OS should be tested in a good manner to run and handle the third party apps developed on the manufacturer TV platform.
  • Along with the Smart TV functionality, it is also important to continue the legacy feature in a good manner.

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Palak Agarwal has years of work experience as a quality assurance professional in the domain of Manual testing on different kind of platforms including Smart TV's which includes various test methodologies. She is also actively learning and gaining experience in Automation testing using Selenium.

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