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What is a Smart TV

November 14, 2016
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A Smart TV is a Television made digital by incorporating internet connections, extended storage options and the computer specialized behavior for entertainment. Smart TV is stand-alone products and the production of Smart TVs is one of the most competitive industries in the world. The gigantic manufacturer’s research and develop latest technologies to implement with the Smart TV.

The terms “Smart” has come to be a sign of built-in internet connectivity enabling Smart TV to access a range of online services such as social networking, instant messaging etc..Some    even support web browsers. The smart TVs provides the facility to connect to smartphones, tablets etc…And hence can access or use any smart device through the smart TV.

Some of the Features of the Smart TV


How to Perform


All the Smart TVs are released with some apps for playing games, using websites like YouTube, Vimeo, Amazon etc..

Internet  Connectivity

The connectivity can be through Wifi. Can share the internet to other devices.

Featured Web Browser

Web browsers to browse through the social media networks, video sharing websites etc..

Access programs on -Demand

Enhance the TV watching experience by making use of Video On Demand (VOD)services such as  Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Instant Video etc..

Provide  Recommendations

The Smart TV suggest you what is trending in the network and finds the list of most popular in the network

Control by using Smartphone or Tablet as a remote control

Able to connect the device-specific IOS or Android Apps. Can make use of the smartphone/ tablet as the remote control.

“Second Screen”  Capability

The smartphone/tablet can be used to view secondary content by connecting to the Smart TV.

The features available in the TV will vary depending on the model. The android, IOS apps can be used on the TV depending on the OS used and the type of apps the TV supports. The video calling features are enabled in Smart TVs by using Skype, IMO, Google Duo etc..

Types of Smart TV

 Android TV

Google has developed the smart platforms for the  TVs and these are the Android Platforms. The platform is based on the Android 5.0 [Lollipop] and above versions. There was an earlier attempt for the smart TVs called Google TVs, which was announced in 2014 June 25. The android TVs can be built either as TVs or as Digital Media Players.The Google Play Stores provides the facility of downloading the Android apps. The Android TV interfaces are divided into 3 as:

  • Recommendations [Gets updated by analyzing the viewing habits]
  • Media Apps
  • Games

In 2015, Sony, Sharp and Philips released  Android TVs. All of these models run the facilities such as Google Cast, Voice Search etc… Also, it is possible to integrate the Android SDKs to the Smart TV, for the mobile app developers to optimize their app.

During the year 2016, the Android TVs improved with all the available features like Voice Search, Weather Forecasting, Improved versions of the apps with personalized recommendations. Some latest versions of the  Android Smart TV facilitates to command the Smart TV through a mic on the remote control. Also, facilitates the programs from any platform to the android Smart TV by using cast enabled Apps.

Apple TV

Apple TV is the digital Smart TV developed by Apple Inc. The device introduced in the year of 2007. The device was created to be controlled by the Apple TV Remote App(which can download from the app store)  on IOS devices such as iPhone, iPad, Touch etc..using the Wi-Fi technology. Also, can control by using a third party IR remotes.

During these years from 2009 to 2016 iTV has developed it’s features through 4 generations. The latest OS  tvOS is introduced in the fourth generations. The tvOS is designed to support only the 4th Generation TVs. The software used in iTV are varied by each generation.

First Generation: The 1st generation starts with a modified build of MAC OS.

  • Apple TV Software 1.0 was developed with the features of  Front Row[The software developed by apple for Mac Computers]. The features incorporated were for movies, podcasts, photos, TV shows etc..
  • Apple TV Software 2.0 introduced a new interface, presented with the initial menu, settings for the configuration, and software updates.
  • Apple TV Software 3.0  introduced a minor new upgrade which added some features such as content filtering, iTunes extra, internet radio apps etc..

Second Generation: The Apple TV 2nd generation is compatible with HDMI(High Definition Multimedia Interface), which is the global standard for connecting the multimedia devices. The TV  is capable of  720p, 60/50 Hz. The processor used was Apple A4 and the standard RAM was 256MB.

Third Generation: The Apple TV 3rd generation makes the TV capable of 1080p resolution.The processor used was Apple A5 and the standard RAM was  512MB.

Fourth Generation: The fourth generation is the latest of Apple TVs and they make use of the Operating System tvOS. The specialty is Siri remote featured voice input and clickable trackpad.

SONY Android TVs

SONY is one of the leading companies producing Smart TVs with stunning features to provide endless entertainment. The specialty of the android design is the services are not built around the icons in the bottom of the screen. When home button is pressed a pop-up will open in a full-screen page. Can get carousel to select the programs.

Also, available a row of  Sony select services  (apps like Netflix, Amazon etc..) and links to Google Play Store, Google Play Music etc… TV Side View App can be used to control the TV by Android phones, Tablets etc. The storage capacity is 16 GB which is very high when compared to other similar TVs.

Lists down some of the Popular Models:

  • Sony KD 65XD9305- 65 Inch
  • Sony Bravia KD-65XD9305 4K HDR TV
  • Sony  KD 65S8505C – 65 inches curved 4K TV
  • Sony KD-65X8505C

Some of the common features for all the models are excellent contrast and color, very sharp 4K/HD pictures, skinny frame design and excellent connectivity.

 Panasonic Firefox OS

The Panasonic Smart TV latest interface is My Home Screen 2.0 provides extensive features and has no resemblance to the former version released in 2014. This is known as the Firefox OS and is customizable easily. The specialty of the interface is that all the apps and services are very much easy to enqueue in the carousel.

Google play is essential to connect all the features of the Panasonic FirefoxOS. The device is best looking easy to use and is suitable for old people who are not so expert in operating smart devices.

Lists down some of the  Popular Models:

  • Panasonic TX-50DX750
  • Panasonic TX-65DX902B
  • Panasonic TX-65CZ952
  • Panasonic TX-65CR852
  • Panasonic TX-50CX802B

Some of the common features for all the models are detailed natural pictures, Simplicity of Firefox OS, Exceptional Colour Rendition. Also, the online functionality is impressive. Can access the Smart TV through any devices such as the smartphone, tablet etc….even from outside the country to set recordings on it or stream to the smart device to live broadcast.

Samsung: Smart Hub and Tizen OS

Samsung released a new smart tv platform for the year of 2016, named Smart Hub based on the Tizen OS. Tizen OS has improved in the style of monitoring what people watch frequently and suggesting newly available resources. The OS allows some customization also.

The OS has made the apps and shortcuts are accessible from dynamically designed icons on the horizontal strip across the bottom of the screen. Even without using the Free View Play, Samsung allows access to BBC iPlayer, ITVPlayer, 4OD, Demand 5 etc.. The Tizen version provides an additional feature of split screen option also.

Lists down some of the popular models:

  • Samsung UE55KS9000 4K HDR Smart TV
  • Samsung UE65JU6000K
  • Samsung UE48JS8500
  • Samsung UE48JU7500T

Some of the common features of all the Samsung models are comprehensive catch-up services, good upscaling, decent value, and wider screen.


LG  released the latest smart TV with an update in the OS used. Till 2015, LG has used Web OS 2.0 and in the latest platform, the OS is updated to Web OS 3.0. The update to the latest version can be done via a firmware.

The settings and customized changes are not so easy to obtain. For a person who is not aware of the technical aspects may find the usage is very difficult. A taskbar is built to pop up from the bottom of the screen. The Smart TV is really fast, but locating something, not on the pop up is very difficult. Contentwise the TV is excellent with the features of Amazon Instant,  Netflix, BBC player, YouTube and NOW TV.

Lists Down Some of the  Popular Models:

  • LG 49UF770V
  • LG 55EG920V
  • LG 65UF950
  • LG 65UF950V

Some of the common features of the  LG Smart TVs are extremely thin design, bright and colorful pictures and decent audio. SHARP introduced a collection of Smart TVs with the high picture quality and innovative smart platforms. Some of the Android TVs by SHARP are:

  • AQUOS  4K ULTRA SERIES, which provides 4 times the pixel resolution full  HD and Nine models in a range of various screen sizes.
  • AQUOS  HD   Series, which provides Legendary AQUOS picture quality, 10 models in a  range of screen sizes.

The smart TV industry is expanding with the growing penetration of new technologies in the internet services and web-enhanced features. Smart TV should contain the extended features like Online Video, Video on Demand, Social Networking, Recording facilities, broadcasting services etc…The market research shows the rapid changes in the industry occurs with the development of technologies to introduce unique models.

Industry movements with respect to the accessories are also changing rapidly. The smart TVs are becoming more affordable. Due to the high investments in technology advancements and the growing importance of internet make the market researchers expect a 100% growth in the market by 2018. Testing plays an important role in Smart TV App testing, refer courses on HelpingTesters.com for testing courses.

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