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24 Things to avoid in Software Tester Resume

July 26, 2017
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Your Software Tester Resume is the document that speaks about your skills and professional achievements. This document almost single-handedly decides your next company and how frequently your receive the interview calls. So given its importance, you must craft your resume carefully. In this post, we would talk about 24 odd things that you must avoid while creating your resume

1. Background Color/ Highlight

Using background images or shades, highlighting resume content or adding your own photo is a strict NO NO! The reason being, such shades don’t look good in the hard copy.

In spite of the best intentions to revamp your resume, such shades or images might not look good when a printout is taken. Also, matter can worsen for black& white printouts of colored resume.

Your skills, responsibilities and past working experience are the actual highlights of your resume. You must never highlight them or add any picture on your Sofware Tester resume. It actually deviates the recruiter’s or project manager’s attention and can do more harm than good.

2. Not arranging the Contents Properly

Your final goal should be to create a resume which is easy to read and is properly structured.

By structure, I don’t mean merely maintaining an alignment. You must divide and group your resume into different sections. The most commonly occurring sections are contact information, summary, skills, work history, and education.

While you are creating your resume, you must section specific information in the respective sections itself. That means you should mention your work experience as an automation tester in an insurance company in the work history section only and not in the skill or any other section.

3. Varying font size anywhere in the SoftwarebTester Resume

You should always follow a consistent font pattern. The section heading and sub headings should follow a font styling while the other content should have a different font size.

You should vary font based on the heading and should not do it haphazardly. Varying fonts in an unplanned fashion reduces the appeal of your Software Tester resume and makes it unreadable.

4. Lengthy Resume

When it comes to resumes, the more the better, won’t hold true. Depending on your years of experience, you should complete your resume within one or two pages.

Recruiters get less than 20 seconds to screen through your resume, so if your resume is lengthy, then the recruiters won’t be able to focus on your resume content properly. One page resume is enough for candidates who have 2 – 5 years of experience and hasn’t changed more than 3 companies. While a two-page resume is suited for more experienced candidates.

Your aim should not be to stuff content, but to add quality. You should focus on mentioning testing related keywords in your resume and listing the right testing skills.

5. Spelling and Grammatical mistakes

Spelling and grammatical mistakes clearly depict your lack of commitment and discipline. First, you must focus on correct sentence constructions. And once you have completed your resume, you much spell-check it to remove any errors.

You can even run it through your close friends for getting the final approval. There are a number of spell checking and grammatical error detection tools like Grammarly which you can use as well.

6. Wrong or Fraudulent information

Software Tester resume is a professional document and publishing false information is the last thing that you would want to do.

Mentioning catchy skills to increase visibility is a good practice, provided you actually are aware of it. So you should never mention skills that you don’t have. Such practices can completely ruin your interviews and can even get yourself blacklisted from the company.

7. Using Jargons or Abbreviations

“Performed E2E testing with Selenium WebDriver”, can be a great point in work history provided the recruiter knows what E2E means. E2E means an end to end testing, but there are high chances that recruiters or managers might decipher the abbreviation in some other way.

Also, as most resumes are sent through an ATS first which searches for certain keywords, using abbreviations in a resume would mask those keywords and can even reduce your resume’s visibility to the ATS. Jargons, on the other hand, are considered profession specific phrases, thus understood by a certain group of people. So, use of jargons must be completely avoided.

8. Less spacing means more content

Software tester resume are generally one or two pages long. So if you want to add more and more information in your resume, you can even reduce the adjacent spacing and line spacing and accommodate extra content.

Such practice is neither advisable nor is it fruitful. If you do manage to add more and more content by compromising with spacing, you would ultimately make your resume clumsy and utterly unreadable.

Always remember, the point is not to add as much content as possible but to add quality and enhance the readability of your QA resume.

9. Casual Writing

Casual writing is strictly not encouraged. The tone of your Software Tester resume should be professional and should strictly revolve around your career path and professional skills.

While creating content for a resume, you must focus on testing specific action words, like performed automated testing, created test suites, planned test documents, e.t.c. You should avoid using pronouns, like, “I implemented test driven development in the project” and rather write “Implemented test driven development in the project”. Starting with action verbs is a good practice.

10. Not using Keywords

Every medium or large companies use ATS (Applicant Tracking System), to scan through the thousands of resume they receive every month. ATS scans every resume and looks out for distinct keywords and phrases which are relevant for a job position.

So if you miss out on any relevant keyword, it might affect your resume screening process and can eventually lead to dropping in your interview calls. For this reason, you must focus on entering the right keywords while mentioning your skills and work experience.

11. Not updating the Software Tester Resume

You must always update your resume every alternate month. If you don’t update your resume at periodic intervals, it is highly likely that you might miss out on some points.

Updating your resume not only keeps your professional achievements up to date but also helps you to opt for impromptu interview calls in short notice.

Updating your resume is a mandatory activity and must be done at periodic intervals without fail.

12. Mentioning every past work Experiences

Every Software Tester resume has a work history section where candidates list down their experiences in past and current organizations. But that does not mean you have to list down every single company that you have worked for.

This case is especially true for professionals who have over 10 years of experience and have changed more than 4 companies.

Mentioning last 3 to 4 companies is good enough to get a grasp of your knowledge. Also, as your most recent achievements are the most relevant, mentioning all past experiences is not necessary.

13. Generic Professional Summary

Professional Summary is not merely meant for summarizing your skills and current responsibilities, it actually tells the recruiters what your vision is and how you want to progress as a test engineer.

Let’s take an example. If your profile summary states, “Automation Tester with 5+ years of experience”, it means you have ample automation expertise to work on your deliverables and also help out your fellow colleagues. But the summary isn’t descriptive enough to denote all the information.

So, one of the best alternatives would be to mention, “A self-driven Agile tester with over 5 years of experience in Automation testing and test planning”. Such a summary provides all the information about your goals and current roles.

14. Work Experience, to the point

Work experience is not meant to simply list down your previous companies and what all was expected of you. In work experience section you must tell the recruiters the things that you did differently from others.

In this section, you must provide quantitative data which would prove your involvement as a professional and indicate your effectiveness as a candidate.

15. Mentioning unrelated Sskills

Your Software Tester resume should only talk about the skills that your QA job position demands. For testers, the skills that you mention in your resume should revolve around testing. You can definitely mention documentation and client communication as skill in your resume, as they do play a part in test documentation and requirement grooming.

But if you do know photography and know how to create design templates and edit images on Photoshop, then the skill won’t be relevant for software tester resume, and so should not be mentioned in it.

16. Mentioning Hobbies

Software Tester Resume is a professional document and for this reason, you should avoid mentioning hobbies or personal interests. As recruiters are trying to fill in a job position, their primary focus would be on skills and past work experiences.

Mentioning skill on your resume would be overlooked and also lengthen its size.

17. Any Text Editor would do

There are a number of different text editors that you can use to edit your resume. But you must make sure that the editor is compatible with your resume’s text encoding. If it doesn’t match, then your resume would appear differently on different editors and devices.

The best bet would be to create or edit your resume using Microsoft Word 2003 and onwards, Google Docs, WordPad, to name a few. Before attaching your resume to an email, always check your resume for alignment issues.

18. Education comes first

While mentioning different sections in Software Tester resume, the “Education” section should come at the end.

You must mention the education section after Skills and Work History. There you should mention your high school and higher secondary percentages along with your post graduation aggregate. For experienced testers, their previous work experience is way more important than educational qualification, even though a basic qualification would be mandatory for any testing position.

19. Negative Remarks

Strictly avoid writing any negative remarks about your previous company in your resume. Your resume should only talk about your roles and responsibilities and not talk about your relationship with the company.

Even during an interview when asked, why you left your previous organization, you must avoid negativity and never accuse your past companies or any misconduct.

20. Mentioning Irrelevant Information

Sofwtare Tester resume is meant to speak about your career and the various skills you have acquired so far. It is not meant to tell the recruiters what your hobbies are, which sports you like to play, what your sexual preference is and what political or religious groups you follow.

Adding such information in your resume is irrelevant and would eat up a lot of your resume space.

21. Using Pronouns

As a resume is a personal document it is obvious that anything and everything that your resume says is related to you. So you need to explicitly use pronouns like “Me, I or we“.

All you need to do is mention the right action verbs and focus on correct sentence construction.

22. Not Prioritizing Information

The most important information should be placed first in your Sofware Tester resume. So you must start your resume with your personal information, followed by your professional summary, skills, work history and at the end, education.

Also, while mentioning your work history, you must list the previous companies in reverse chronological order with the recent company being listed first.

For experienced candidates, work history tells more to the recruiters than educational qualification. So work history should be listed first. In a similar way, other sections should be listed taking into mind their importance.

23. Not having a Vision

Your profile summary and previous work history description should tell the recruiter what your roles and responsibilities were and what are you looking forward to work on.

If you a manager and in your summary and work history you mention that you documented and executed test cases 4 years back, it would add no value to your Software Tester resume. You should mention your roles that you currently perform, and especially the ones that are relevant to your current position.

24. Not Revising the Software Tester Resume draft

No matter how long and thoroughly you have gone through your resume, you must get it checked by someone else. As we ourselves create the resume, we sometimes tend to miss the obvious mistakes and grammatical inconsistencies.

Check your Software Tester resume for repetitive content, grammatical errors, syntactical and spelling issues. Once you have made the changes make sure you save the latest draft and upload the same on different portals.

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