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Software Testing Job, Why some think is Useless

December 22, 2016
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Software Testing is the process of evaluating a software product for the quality and performance. The Software Testing Job is responsible for verifying that the software meets the business and technical requirements that specified in the Software Requirement Specification Records. The test phases can be classified into several stages based on the various aspects of testing.

The requirements of software testing jobs will vary based on the nature of the software/product the company wants to test. The software test team is expected to involve in the very first phase of the software design, where the requirement specification is examined. The test lead should be responsible for preparing the documentation for developing test criteria and designing test plan.    

Responsibilities of a Testing Team and how they are Distributed

Software Testing involves a hierarchical structure of job positions. The hierarchy is based on the responsibilities of the test engineers and depends on the experience.

  • Project  Manager

The project manager is responsible for managing the resources, analyzing the improvement in the project development, evaluating the project design at the completion of each module, schedule manual, and automated testing criteria, schedule the tasks for test engineers, evaluation of the acceptance criteria etc..

  • Manager Quality Analyst

The QA Manager is the person who is responsible for all the activities of the QA team. The strategic plan for Quality Analysis of the software will be designed by the QA manager by arranging discussion sessions in the presence of the project manager. The tasks should be scheduled and assigned to the team leaders and the deadline for the test process should be declared.

The QA manager should also be responsible for the quality adherence of the software after the completion of the testing process.

  • Test Team Lead

The testing process will be divided into several teams of experts after specifying the test criteria. The team lead should manage all the team members by assigning the tasks to them.

She/he should design a test plan and ensure the availability of resources. Also, should consider the test data creation, test cases, the report writing techniques, manual/automated test needs etc.. The team members are expected to update the work status to the Team Lead.

  • Senior Test Engineer

The senior test engineers are the next level of testers who are experienced in managing test tools and manual testing ideas. They will guide the test engineers the way in which the test cases are executed.

  • Test Engineers

The test engineers are responsible for executing test cases and report the results as per the norms. They are also responsible to re-execute the test cases for any clarification and changes.

All the people in the test team should be aware of the test criteria and the test plans developed. The people who are experts in the field of testing should also be skilled in understanding the programming languages, implementation and support services.

The Software Testing Job is divided among the designations to perform the tasks within the deadline, and to supervise the completion of each test phases in the right schedule. Most of the companies recruit “Test Engineers” for the requirement of software testing vacancy and later they will assign them the responsibilities after evaluating the skills. The designation is less bothered and the importance is what you can do effectively to detect and resolve bugs.

The Software Testing Job is expected to be good in communication skills, identifying the bugs, detecting the right solutions in the right moment, and of course able to convey the issues properly to the developers. The leaders are authorized to manage the activities of the team members and report the status of the testing process properly.

  Sometimes there arises a situation that all the test members work as per the schedule and   detect minor bugs only. Here the test leads should interfere and guide them to change their   path and style of testing. These testing skills can achieve only through experience.

Why some consider Software Testing a useless Job?

There is a thought that software testers are the exact opposite of software developers. Even the experienced people in the IT industry other than Software Developers and Testers think the testers are mere critics for the development departments. So, the fresh IT professionals may confuse when they get an opportunity in the testing field to start their career. The myths are like:

  • The testers need not be aware of the application of software development languages.
  • Less opportunity to learn and improve

Because of these myths, some people think software testing is a useless job. All these are not at all the facts but cannot be explained to the people who never worked in the testing field. The exact fact is that the testers are always more related to the project managers than the developers. The testing team should involve in the architectural design of the project and from this phase itself they need to prepare for the design of test plan.

Before discussing to the developers the project managers will discuss to the QA analysts about the test environment and the available resources. This will affect the exact possibility of usage of the technologies for the software development.

The Facts in the field of Software Testing Job

  • The testers should be aware of the technologies  for software development

In fact, an expert software tester should be more aware of all the technologies that may be used for developing software. The people who are experienced in coding and database management are more likely to enter into the Software Testing Job. The advantage is that they can detect the exact reason of occurring bugs. Also, they can reproduce the bugs easily. Nowadays the testers who are experienced in both manual and automated testing are in high demand.

  • Lot of opportunities available to improve 

The software tester’s skill set also covers the management skills, presentation skills and communication skills other than technical skills. They should be able to update the latest Software Testing Job techniques and automated tools for performing testing. Same as the improvement and learning needs of the developers the test engineer should also strive to improve and excel. The business management and orientation skills make them more skilled in working as business analysts, technical writers and sometimes the project managers.

  • There is no barrier for salary packages 

The salary packages are same for both developers and testers in the entry level. The hike in the salary will depend on their skill set, experience level, previous CTC, current industry standards.

While choosing a job in IT sector the employees should consider their talents and ambition.  Engineers experts in business analysis and requirement specification analysis and talented in programming languages can choose Quality Analysis as the career and this may make them improve their skill set which will lead them to get a promotion to the post of a senior business analyst. 

A person who is tech savvy and can understand programming languages easily can choose the software development field. No other barriers in the salary hike, improvement in technical skills etc.. Depending on the departments the style of working will vary.


The Software Testing Job can never be considered as a useless job as they create plans to evaluate the performance of the software. Without a testing team, the software can never release with perfection.

The user acceptance testing is the important aspect to be considered while approaching a software in the business point of view. No developer can detect the exact problem while going through the acceptance testing.

A perfect tester only can identify the possible issues by analyzing the business requirements and comparing the completed project with the project design. So, development and Software Testing Job should consider as parallel processes for the completion of a successful project.

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