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All you want to know About Software Testing Testathon

October 21, 2017
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If anyone asks you a question that – “Have you ever heard of Testathon?” Then the very first thing which will come to our mind is “Testathon! What is it and what does it mean?” and many other questions. 

Testathon is similar to Hackathon but for the testers. In Hackathon, it is a sprint-like event where computer programmers, hackers, graphic designers, project manager involved in the software development task. Similarly, Testathon is for the QA Engineers and software testers, where they will be performing testing of some amazing application (mobile and web applications) with world best testers under the same roof. And the winner will be awarded a whole load of prizes.Testathon is the folks who organized world’s first testathon.


Let’s Discuss something more about Testathons

Testathon is generally organized by a group of volunteers who are very passionate about software testing activities. It’s completely free for testers to attend the Testathon. It is a competition where winners will be awarded prizes and awards. It is ideally a full day event where testers will be performing testing for throughout the day. In Testathon, the testers are going to test 2 amazing apps which are to be announced very close to the date of the event. Testers are supposed to bring their own devices on the day for performing the testing. There is no such method to be followed and the Testers are allowed to use any testing method they feel will find bugs. Testers can also bring their laptop and can take help of any other software. The main motto is to find more and more bugs, whatever may be the process.

Advantage of organizing a Test Hackathon in a company

  • When performing the testing then everyone focuses their interest towards the same goal. When different members of the team are working for the same goal then it will improve engagement and will also boost the morale.
  • It helps in generating new ideas. It helps in bringing people of the different department like- designer, developers, stakeholders, SEO, etc together and they will offer their own views and ideas to take over the problem in their own ways.
  • The feeling of contribution and increase in awareness will result for the better buy-in for other departments also.

Sponsors and Partners of Testathons


  • Facebook
  • Dropbox
  • Spotify
  • King
  • iZettle
  • Zeebox
  • Songkick


  • Global App Testing
  • SpiraTest
  • Hint
  • Deu Lab
  • Sup46
  • Telerik
  • Testdroid
  • Sauce labs
  • General Assembly
  • Jonathan Kohl
  • Prezi
  • LeanDog
  • Diaz Hilterscheid
  • Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship
  • Ministry of Testing
  • Uber
  • Challenge Rocket

Prize Categories for Testathon

  • Team Prizes
  • Best QA
  • Best Security Bug
  • Best UI Bug
  • Best Quality Bug Report

And some more.

Prizes for Testathon

  • Devices
  • Cash
  • Books and much more.

List of Testathon held till Date

  • Chapter 1- London – KING.COM | SONGKICK | ZEEBOX
  • Chapter 2- Stockholm- SPOTIFY | IZETTLE
  • Chapter 3- San Francisco – DROPBOX | GNEO
  • Chapter 4 – Cluj Napoca, Romania – BETFAIR | GUVERA MUSIC | HIPMENU
  • Chapter 5- Hyderabad, India- FACEBOOK
  • Chapter 6- Kolkata, India – FACEBOOK
  • Chapter 7- Cape Town, South Africa – FACEBOOK
  • Chapter 8- Lagos- FACEBOOK
  • Chapter 9- Moscow, Moscow City- FACEBOOK
  • Chapter 10- St. Petersburg, Russia- FACEBOOk
  • Chapter 11- Jakarta, Indonesia- FACEBOOK
  • Chapter 12- Bandung- FACEBOOK
  • Chapter 13- Sao Paulo, SP, Brazil- FACEBOOK
  • Chapter 14- Sao Paulo, SP, Brazil- FACEBOOK
  • Chapter 15- Nairobi, Kenya- FACEBOOK
  • Chapter- 16- Johannesburg, South Africa- FACEBOOK

Testathon to be held next in

  • Chapter 17 is going to held on 30th September 2017 in Cairo, Egypt.
  • Chapter 18 is going to held on 1st October 2017 in Beirut, Lebanon.

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