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Guide to QA Certification

December 15, 2016 ,
qa tester, qa certification, Guide to qa certification

QA Certification is an important step in the career growth plan of the Software tester. Though it is not mandatory but when added to the resume of the software tester gives weight to the resume. 

Many organizations prefer certified people because the QA certification itself certifies that person having certification is a qualified software tester and is well versed in testing principles and practices. So, certification not only allows one to become a member of accepted software group but also helps in career growth.

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Requirement Traceability Matrix

September 25, 2016 ,
traceability matrix , requirement traceability matrix, requirements traceability matrix template ,

The purpose of the Requirement Traceability Matrix [RTM], is to link the requirements collected during requirement specification analysis to the technical requirements and the test data.

RTM specifies all the requirements and their traceability and delivered at the completion of the Software development lifecycle.

Creating RTM focuses on linking the requirements to the test cases and ensuring that no requirements are missed.The validation process during testing is traced by using the RTM.

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Testing in Agile

September 6, 2016 ,
agile testing, agile testing process, agile testing methodology, Agile test

Before knowing the Agile test, it is important to know what Agile is. It is a methodology for Software Development which is based on iterative and incremental approach, Now what does incremental approach mean. Incremental Approach means that whole software Development process occurs in a repetitive iteration. We are developing some features of the application in a cycle and adding some more features in it, also incorporating change required after review of the previous cycle.

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Acceptance Testing | UAT testing

August 24, 2016 ,
Acceptance Testing, user acceptance testing, uat, uat testing

The Acceptance Testing is the software testing technique performed to ensure the software system has reached the requirement specifications. In effect, what the acceptance testing doing is that it confirms the system to meet the required criteria for the delivery of the software. Acceptance Testing is performed just after the System Testing and ensures the system is available for the actual use.

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