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When is the Right Time for Regression Testing

July 14, 2017 ,
Regression Testing, Types of Regression testing, how to do regression testing, ReTesting

Every software application once developed contains many issues which can affect the functionality, performance, and aesthetics of the application. Most of these issues are identified at feature level by the testing team. But when many features from different modules are put together, there are high chances of new defects being introduced. These issues come up when independent modules start interacting with each other. Also, the code changes made for any existing issue fixes can impact some other part/ module of the application. For this reason, regression testing is performed by every QA team. Read More…

What are the different test artifacts?

June 23, 2017 , ,
test artifacts

Talking in layman’s term, Test Artifacts are deliverables or documents which are prepared during the testing process. These documents are shared with different stakeholders like clients, Test Managers, Team members, and other people involved in the project so that every test process are properly recorded and are transparent for all stakeholders. Read More…

Write Use cases or Test cases?

January 26, 2017 ,
Use cases,test plan, test case, use case, use case example

Use cases and test case are developed to identify the ways in which the users interact with the system. Most probably both documents will contain the same set of data and the only difference will be in their scope and purpose. Being a software tester it is important to clearly understand the what is the use case or test case. It is a common term in software and we have seen most of the people use it interchangeably, which is wrong. With rise in testing in mobile software industry the needs to use cases has rises because the more use cases we test the more reliable the software is.

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Basics of Database Testing

December 29, 2016 , ,
database testing, db tester, test database, basic database

Database testing is one of the important testing techniques. Such testing practice is generally incorporated in banking, financial, e-commerce or projects that deal with huge amount of data. But given the expertise, time and resources required to perform such testing, is it really worth it? In this article, we will figure out the importance of database testing and the basic approach adopted by testers to test the database of an application. 

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Guide to QA Certification

December 15, 2016 ,
qa tester, qa certification, Guide to qa certification

QA Certification is an important step in the career growth plan of the Software tester. Though it is not mandatory but when added to the resume of the software tester gives weight to the resume. 

Many organizations prefer certified people because the QA certification itself certifies that person having certification is a qualified software tester and is well versed in testing principles and practices. So, certification not only allows one to become a member of accepted software group but also helps in career growth.

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