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Popular 50+ Appium Interview Questions

September 12, 2017 , ,
Appium Interview Questions, Appium Interview Questions pdf, Appium Interview Questions and answers

1. What is Appium? (Important: Appium Interview Questions)
Appium is an open source,cross-platform test automation tool used for native,hybrid and mobile web apps,which can test on simulators(iOS,FirefoxOS), emulators(Android), and real devices(iOS,Android,FirefoxOS). Read More…

What are the Best Ways to Learn Automation Testing

April 28, 2017 , ,
Learn automation testing, learn software test, software testing, app testing,

Software testing is all about ensuring the integrity of the product and making sure that it strictly abides by the specifications provided by the client. To thoroughly test an application, the testing team incorporates a number of different test methodologies, learn automation testing and abide by QA process to effectively test the software and provide their findings to the project owner.Read More…

14+ Best Mobile Automation Tools

April 20, 2017 , ,
Mobile automation tools,automation testing tools, mobile testing, mobile app testing,mobile app testing tools, mobile application testing,mobile automation testing tools,app testing

The numbers of users who access mobile applications are increasing every day. This has led to tremendous growth of mobile applications, both native and hybrid. To ensure that all such applications are properly tested on different devices and operating before they are shipped to production the testing team must opt for mobile automation to speed up their testing process and deliver stable builds in time. In this post, we would list 15 popular mobile automation tools which you can use to test your mobile applications on different devices and platforms.Read More…

10 Popular iOS Automation Testing Tools

April 16, 2017 , ,
automation testing, IOS testing, IOS automation, top IOS testing tool

According to a poll conducted by Statista in 2015, around 16% smartphone users use iOS-powered mobile devices, and the share is increasing every passing year. With over 2 million apps to choose from, users around the globe download different apps which suit their needs. So, to make sure that these apps are devoid of any major issue, they must be rigorously tested on all iOS supported devices. For this reason, mobile automation tools come handy. In this post, we would list 10 popular iOS automation testing tools used by testers around the globe to test different apps. Read on and find out what distinct features these tools have to offer.Read More…

8 Reasons For Automation failure

March 20, 2017 ,
automation failure, automation fail

Automation seems like a magic word to testers, something which will do wonders to those looming testing deadlines, and make the management happy with skyrocketing ROIs.  But some automation projects become a big success, but many fail miserably. Some of the common mistakes found in all these failed projects are as followsRead More…

Mobile Testing Farm

March 6, 2017 ,
mobile testing, testing farm, mobile application testing, app testing

Mobile testing farms or Device Farm allows us to automate native, hybrid and web application testing on real Android and iOS devices in the cloud. There are many device farms that are available online where you can test the mobile apps through remote access after paying some price.Read More…

To Automate or not to Automate

August 23, 2016 , ,
Automate, automation, not to automate

Most companies are now faced with this dilemma with their code base – Should it be Automate or not? If so, how much to automate? Where does one start? There are no straight answers to these questions and no one-size-fits-all solution.

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Appium VS Seetest Experitest Mobile Automation Tool

March 29, 2016 ,
Appium, appium testing, seetest, ,Mobile Automation, Mobile Automation tool, automation tool,

If we talk about Mobile Automation tool than apart from Appium comes SeeTest. A number of mobile automation tools available but SeeTest is one tool which would give a fight to Appium for its existence. Sometimes I would rather say, Smarter Appium.  

Yes, will tell you why I say it “more perfect than Appium”? but if we talk about the market, yes Appium is FREE

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Appium over Wifi

August 26, 2015 ,
Appium testing, appium, wifi

Working with Appium have a common problem that you must have faced is with USB cable. You just cannot lie down on a bed to code because USB cables come out of port easily,  if you are in office and execution is from your laptop then you cannot just attend meetings and roam without a second thought “Is execution running?” So sharing the concept by which you can work without USB cables.

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Quick Appium Interview Questions

Appium, appium interview questions, appium interview

The articles shares frequently asked Appium Interview Questions.

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