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How children can help us become better Testers

May 9, 2018

Software testing is the art of ensuring the quality of a software application by unveiling vulnerabilities and detecting loopholes present in the system. To test an application, us testers normally refer the requirement document to verify whether the application adheres to the requirements. But while detecting loopholes, testers perform negative testing and resort to any and all means to break the application by performing different actions on the application. Another way of putting it is, testers need to stop playing by the rules and perform gorilla testing to find any underlying issues. Read More…

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Tight deadlines and Last-minute Testing

March 13, 2018
last-minute testing

In today’s article, we will discuss some points a testing team / QA / tester can adopt for the last-minute testing or when there is not enough time to perform the complete testing activity. 

As per the software development lifecycle rule, the development and testing ratio is 60 / 40. If you are an experienced tester / QA you must have faced the last-minute testing situation in which the development team takes more time than the estimated timeline. Or you are engaged in so many project meetings that your time dedicated for testing is compromised and just for the sake of meeting the client’s deadline the testers do exploratory testing or execute only the main business scenarios that should work in that particular release.Read More…

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Security Testing by Manual Testers?

February 28, 2018
Security Testing, security testing by manual tester, manual tester to perform security testing, how to carry out security testing in simple ways, methods to perform security testing, manual testing can cover security testing

What we all need at the end of the day? I mean most people want in life is Security. Why is security important in anyone’s life? This is because when you feel secure you are happy, comfortable and focus on things which you really want to achieve in life. So just think about the end user of your website from this point of view. How it will impact on your site audience if they don’t feel secure with your site and what if they know they are not secure enough to do what they supposed to do on the site. This is where security testing comes into account. And Yes, manual testers too can perform security testing to an extent.Read More…

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Smart TV Testing Scenarios

February 17, 2018
Smart TV Testing Scenarios, Smart TV Testing, Basic testing for Smart TV, Basic scenarios for testing Smart TV, Smart TV Testing Basic Scenarios

In this article, we will cover the different aspects and scenarios involved in the testing of the Smart TV. This will help to provide a basic understanding of which of the scenarios are required to test a TV or a Smart TV. After going through these Smart TV Testing scenarios, it may provide you a hint about the work required to be performed on testing of a Smart TV before the TV manufacturing rolls out their TV hardware into the market and to the end users.Read More…

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Must have Chrome Extensions for Web Testing

February 13, 2018
Chrome Extensions, Chrome Extensions for Web testing, Chrome Extensions for web applications testing, web application testing, web application testing in Chrome, Extensions needed in chrome for web testing, Extensions needed in Chrome for web application Testing, Extensions required in Chrome for web application Testing, Extensions required in Chrome for web Testing

While testing web applications, testers access the application on a supported web browser. The browser is generally the one that most users would be using to access the application. And given the popularity of Google Chrome, almost every web application supports Chrome. So, when a tester manually tests the application on Chrome, he/ she has to test all functionalities and execute test cases with the proper test data. But in every flow, there come a few steps which are repetitive and which takes up quite a chunk of the testing time. And that is when Chrome extensions can come handy.

In this post, we would provide you a brief introduction into Chrome extensions and how they can speed up your manual testing. We would also share a list of 20 different Chrome extensions which can help yours with your regular web application testing.Read More…

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Compatibility Testing Tools

February 9, 2018
Compatibility Testing tools, Compatibility testing types, tools for compatibility testing, points for compatibility testing

In today’s world of competition, website and mobile applications are developed on a rapid basis. And this website and mobile applications are meant to run on different platforms. But, “How sure we are that the website or application built will run perfectly on all browsers and devices”. So, in order to overcome this type of thing we need Compatibility Testing, and tools to support it, Compatibility Testing Tools.Read More…

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Checklist for different Software Testing Types

February 7, 2018
Checklist for software testing, checklist for software testing types, software testing checklist, basic checklist for software testing, testing checklist

Software testing professionals are considered as the GUARD of the SDLC process. This is not because of their capability to finding and reporting bugs, but rather for delivering a high-quality product. It is the tester or QA who is responsible for the delivery of the qualified product.  And in order to do this, they generally follow a Checklist during the whole testing life cycle. So, the very next thing which comes in our mind is, What is the Checklist all about? And how it helps in improving the product quality? Does Software Testing Checklist imply for all the different testing types? What should be included in Software Testing Checklist for various testing types?Read More…

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Why is Tester blamed for leaked defects? Is this correct?

February 1, 2018
tester blamed, blaming testers, why to blame tester for leaked defects, tester blamed for defects in production, reasons why testers are blamed

Since it is the software tester who is responsible for finding out the defects in the application and makes it bug-free to the possible extent, it is only software testers who are blamed for the bugs that are detected in the production environment by the end user. They are blamed by all the people in the project which should not be done. Now the question is why should be the tester blamed for leaked defects, and is this correct? Is tester the only responsible person to release the software? Let’s dig into this further.Read More…

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Best Practices for Writing Good Defects

January 30, 2018
Writing Good defects

Defect plays an important role in software testing. Many defects arise during the development of the software application which needs to be fixed in order to deliver a quality software application to the client. In other words, we can say that writing or logging efficient and effective defect is very important part of software testing life cycle and also software development process. In this article, we will focus on how to write the good defects and what are the best practices to follow.Read More…

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Guidelines To Write Test Cases

January 26, 2018
test case design, guidelines to write test cases, tips to write test cases

In the Software Tester or QA profession writing Test Cases plays a vital part in the software testing process. Writing test cases does not only mean jotting down the requirement into the scenario, rather it deals with writing down all the possible scenarios after the proper understanding of the project and business requirement. And it’s the effective test cases based on which the testing of the product is to be performed. So, test cases should be given more priority and created before the testing starts. For a fresher in Software Testing industry, it is very important to follow the guidelines to write test cases effectively for any of the given features. In this article, we will focus on the Guidelines to write test cases effectively for general functionalities which helps to achieve the better test case design.Read More…

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