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Test Metrics or Testing Metrics

July 28, 2017
Test Metrics, test metrics template, test matrices in agile, test matrics in jira

Before knowing what is Test Metrics or Testing Metrics, it is important to know what Software Metrics is. It will give a better understanding of what Test Metrics is. Read More…

Tools that every Tester must know

June 21, 2017 ,
Screenshot and recording tools that every tester must know

There are many things that testers should learn apart from bug management tools like Jira or Mantis. Tester especially Manual Tester should know how to prepare testing documents, how to take a screenshot and how to record test execution. Though later on with the increase in experience, the tester should learn tools related to Automation Testing, Performance Testing, Security Testing, Database testing etc. Since lots of testing metrics are developed in Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word. So, the tester is required to learn it appropriately. All main testing documents like Test Plan, Test Estimate, Test Cases, Test Execution, Test Results, etc. involve the use of Excel and Word to create it. Apart from these editing tools, this article will talk about other popular tools that every tester must know. Read More…

What happens to Software Testing Quality when a Tester compromises

February 12, 2017 ,
software quality assurance, software testing quality, software quality assurance, software testing quality,

Testers test what developers develop. If this is what your mindset is about a tester, then you are doing it wrong. Yes, testers do test the software developed by the developers but their main purpose is to add quality to the deliverables and ensure a stable build. That doesn’t always come from merely software testing quality the application.Read More…

Why Automation Fail in many Projects?

January 5, 2017 , ,
automation fail,test automation failure, automation testing failure

We always discuss the benefits of automation in every project, but we often forget to ask ourselves the question, can it be successfully implemented ie. automation fail? Currently, almost all projects incorporate automation to automate their applications especially with automation in agile.This helps them reduce manual effort and also provides continuous feedback about the operation of the application.

Even though all the above is promised of automation, reaching the goal is not a simple task. Every testing team faces one of the other hurdles, while they jumpstart automation testing in their project. This article is written to serve as a checklist, that lists all the things that might go wrong with automation testing. 

Read More…

Software Testing Environment

August 19, 2016 , ,
software testing environment, software test

Testing is an integral part of SDLC. It ensures that an application is functionally rigid and strictly adheres to the specifications provided by the client. But to completely understand the scope of the application and meet the expectations of the client, the application must be tested in a software testing environment that resembles the production environment. And this is the reason why testers should emphasize on replicating the production environment.

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