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Difference between Smart TV & Mobile Testing

December 9, 2017

In this article we will cover how testing of Smart TV applications is different from the testing of Mobile and website applications, what are the differences, challenges between Smart TV and Mobile device testing, how limited and dynamic the testing is between these two platforms. We will also know how much flexibility is between these two platforms for testing from the user perspective. This blog is going to be in a tabular form for the quick comparison as compared to be in bullet or paragraph form. Read More…

What is Agile Scrum – HelpingTesters

September 8, 2017 ,
Agile Scrum, what is scr what is agile methodology

In our previous blogs, we learned what is Agile Methodology in details. In this today’s article, we will talk the most accepted process for Agile development i.e. Agile Scrum. Agile Scrum is the framework for managing team and gets maximum productivity in the project. Read More…

How to provide Agile Testing Estimates in Projects

August 1, 2017 ,
Agile Testing, Agile meaning, scrum testing

Agile testing estimation is done in every iteration. At the start of each sprint, features are picked from the product backlog, groomed, estimated and added to the sprint backlog. But how are the estimates provided? How can the team members know which feature is complex than the other and would require more efforts and man-hours? In this post, we would talk about the agile testing estimation process and how team members evaluate the complexity of a task i.e. be a good agile tester.Read More…

Top 18 Usability Testing Tools

May 12, 2017 ,
usability testing tools, usability testing methds, types of usability testing, usability testing examples

Every software application is built to serve a purpose. The sole reason behind developing an application is that a user base would be benefitted by it. So even though the client requirements dictate how the application should look and function, the user requirements and feedbacks dictate what changes need to be made or incorporated to further fine-tune the application. This is where usability testing comes into the picture. With the help of various usability testing tools, testers or product owners can requests users from different age groups or target audience to complete some task using the application. Their interaction with the application and the steps taken to complete the task is closely monitored using the usability testing tools so that the team can find out which application module or UI layout needs improvement. In this post, we would mention top 18 usability testing tools and what distinct features they have to offer.Read More…

API Testing using JMeter

April 12, 2017 ,
api testing tools, jmeter load testing, Jmeter, API, API test, api testing

Before moving to API Testing with JMeter let us have a brief introduction of API. API stands for application programming interface. Basically, it is something which allows one piece of software to interact with other software. To speak plainly, it is a messenger that takes a request from one system to another system, tell it what it wants and get the response back to the requesting system.Read More…

Top 10 reasons why Tester miss Software Bug

February 16, 2017 ,
software bug, testing bug

First of all, it is not a good thing on part of tester if he/she miss the Software bug, as we know how much important Testing is in Software development life cycle, but there are times when testers miss the bug. Though it is not done purposely as no tester want to leave the Software bug undetected and unreported.Read More…

Software Testing Job, Why some think is Useless

December 22, 2016 , ,
software testing, useless testing, Software testing job

Software Testing is the process of evaluating a software product for the quality and performance. The Software Testing Job is responsible for verifying that the software meets the business and technical requirements that specified in the Software Requirement Specification Records. The test phases can be classified into several stages based on the various aspects of testing.

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What is a Smart TV

November 14, 2016
smart tv, small smart tv, hd smart tv

A Smart TV is a Television made digital by incorporating internet connections, extended storage options and the computer specialized behavior for entertainment. Smart TV is stand-alone products and the production of Smart TVs is one of the most competitive industries in the world. The gigantic manufacturer’s research and develop latest technologies to implement with the Smart TV.

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Perks of Continuous Testing

October 10, 2016 ,
continuous integration, continuous test,Continuous Testing

We as IT professionals are well aware of the advantages of testing. It not only makes the product reliable but also enhances the overall quality of the existing product by helping developers and client identify the loopholes for any feature. But providing such quality testing for a long time can be a tough task and solution is continuous testing. Especially when the release cycles are short and the changes frequent. In such cases, testers need to adopt a testing practice that is fast, precise yet reliable.

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Testing in DevOps

October 3, 2016 ,

Agility is the reason of emerging trend DevOps. DevOps comes up with the combination of two words “Development” & “Operations”. Aall teams should work together better communication and collaboration for delivery product.

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