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Reviewing Test Cases

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As the software testers or QA Engineers are involved in the software development life cycle from the very initial stage, so writing test cases based on the project requirement at the early stage of the software development lifecycle and then reviewing the test cases is one of the vital process which need to be followed in Software testing process. Test case review is done basis on some rules or checklist. Reviewing test cases not only ensure the spelling and grammatical checking but also ensure that each and every function which is mentioned in the software requirement document and user stories are covered. Test case review is generally carried out in the Implementation Phase of STLC to ensure the correctness of the test cases. To ensure the completion and success of any test cases, it should be thoroughly reviewed. Reviewing test cases not only increase the test case quality but also enhance the product quality and thus making product globally acceptable.The test case which is to be review should be accurate enough and should follow the standards for test case writing. 

Test case review includes reviewing of test cases for manual testing, automation testing, regression testing, etc. And this reviewing process is carried out in the Implementation Phase of Software Testing Life Cycle.

Download Testcase Review Template

Test Cases Review Process

Test cases review is one of the vital job processes for enhancing the product quality. Test case review are generally performed by:

  • Self-Review
  • The review was done by Peer.
  • The review was done by Supervisor.

Let discuss How the reviewing process is carried out and who are involved in the reviewing process. Let’s start with

Self Review

Self-review process is generally carried out by the tester or QA Engineer himself/herself who have written the test cases from the Software Requirement document or from the User stories. Test case review should be done to check whether all the functionality and features have been jot down in the test cases correctly or not based on the Software Requirement Document or based on the project user Stories. Based on the output of test case review, the tester can do the required correction or changes and should give the sign off in order to proceed the next level of reviewing process.

Review Done by Peer

Peer Review is the very next process in test cases review process after the self- review is done by the tester. Here, Peer refers to another software testers or the QA Engineer who is there in the testing team. Though the other tester has not written the test cases but should have the detailed and extensive knowledge about the project requirement and its flow. Peer should get deep in the test cases and should thoroughly review each and every point.

The key points of this review are:

  • The test cases should fulfill the project and client requirement.
  • The test case should cover all the functionalities and all possible fields as per the requirement.
  • Removing the duplicate test cases created.
  • Checking the test cases description.
  • Checking the testing steps given in the test cases.
  • Verifying the test data.
  • Peer should also focus on the positive, negative and other integrated test cases.
  • The focus should also be there for module test cases.

This type of Test case review is also referred as Checker review.

Review was done by Supervisor

Once the Peer review is done, the set of test cases is forwarded with the finding for the final set of Test case review, which is done by the Supervisor. The Team lead of the testing team or the Manager or any Higher authority who have extensive and detailed knowledge about the project can do the supervisor review of the test cases.

Test Cases Review General Checklist

  • To properly check the spelling and grammatical mistakes from the test case documents and ensure that ensure the correctness of the test cases.
  • The reviewer should properly review that all the test cases should have test data, inputs, actual results and expected result well described and documented.
  • Ensure that all the project requirements are fully covered in the test cases document as per the Software/Project Requirement Document. To check all the possible test cases are derived or not.
  • The reviewer should also ensure that there should be both negative and positive scenarios as per the project requirement.
  • Ensure that all the test cases should have the steps (i.e; navigational steps) of how the testing is to be performed. It shouldn’t be complicated rather it should be simple and easy to understand.
  • Ensure proper description is added in the test cases in order to understand, the reason for writing this test case.
  • The reviewer should also focus that the actual result and expected result is properly mentioned and documented.
  • Test cases should be saved in a test repository so that it can be accessed by every tester.
  • Ensure that the test cases are written based on environment and devices specific. For example- View of the test cases derived from websites may vary from that of the test cases derived from the mobile or tab.
  • Ensure the removal of duplicate or identical test cases.
  • The Test cases are complete with respect to the Specifications Document on which they are based.
  • Ensure that the Pre-conditions for executing a test case or a set of test cases are specified or mentioned.
  • Ensure the ordering of test cases, which specifies which test cases are to be executed together or to be executed in specific order.
  • Ensuring the Boundary value analysis is well covered, i:e; the upper and lower bounds for test data are coved.
  • Ensure that the unwanted test cases are removed in order to check there is no redundancy.
  • Ensure that the test cases were written should be of appropriate length. It should not be too descriptive or too comprehensive.
  • Ensure the information related to test environment setup, prerequisites , success and failure end conditions are mentioned.
  • Ensure that unused test cases which are no longer required for project requirement changes are any further modification is to be removed.
  • Ensure that test cases should have been written in simple language so that it can be easily understood.
  • Ensure that all the guidelines and standards are properly followed while Test case review.
  • Ensure that test cases are grouped together based on the different module.
  • Ensure that the test cases are properly documented and a template is to be followed while Test case review which will be helpful in editing or updating any further test cases in near future.
  • Ensure that the test cases should have some specific id or number so that it can easily traceable. That is the traceability should be maintained.

The test cases may vary based on the project requirement and based on it the Test case review process will also get slightly change.

Download Testcase Review Template

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