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Testers with Domain Knowledge paid More

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What happened earlier was that companies used to hire manual testers with required testing skills to test software products irrespective of the domain relevant to the product. But with the change in time,  organizations started looking for specialized testers who were a quiet expert in the particular domain relevant to the company which not only ensured quality product delivery but also was helpful in imparting improved features to the application. It is quite important to know the difference between Domain tester and Novice tester or tester which may be having big experience but is not having domain knowledge.

An experienced tester can find good defects but cannot find defects which require deep knowledge in particular domain to which application belongs to. Domain expert can go deep into the application and find defects which are quite difficult for novice tester to find out. Expert domain tester can not only find difficult issues but can also make the application more user-friendly also, due to their expert knowledge.


Let us make it clear from the example of banking domain. Many times it is seen on job portals that requirement of the tester in banking domain is required. The reason behind this is that banking sites are very critical and also needs to be very secure when it comes in the live environment in the time when cyber crimes are increasing day by day and also needs to be very stable in terms of workflow and performance. In such a situation when the customer cannot make any compromise on the quality of the software application and to meet search Condition, domain testing expert is required.

Domain testing expert in banking domain before testing the application has knowledge of the workflow of the application like how account is credited or debited, how encryption and decryption of data is done, what are the vulnerable points where application can be attacked, what are the areas where possibility of finding defects are more and many other things which not only helps in finding complex issues but can also help in making the banking application more user friendly and secured.

What is domain

Talking in layman language, domain is a software application business area. Let us suppose that our application has been developed for internet banking, then it comes under banking domain. Suppose our application is developed for Hospital management then it comes under Healthcare system. Suppose our application is developed for online shopping when it comes to the E-commerce system.

In the software industry, domain means categorizing the software industry on the basis of its service to the client. Categorisation is dependent on the type of business organization is doing.

Some of the types of various domains expertise which are in demand in the market areas below.

  • Retail, Travel & Hospitality
  • BFS – Banking & Financial Services
  • Healthcare
  • Telecom
  • E-Commerce

It is also true that domain experts are less in the market as compared to other manual testers without domain knowledge and company working in particular domain like healthcare, banking etc. look for the tester with expertise in a particular domain in order to deliver the product with maximum quality.

Advantage of Domain Tester

Some of the important advantages that domain testers have been mentioned as below.

  • Domain tester not only saves the time to test the application but also saves the time required to get the knowledge of the application before testing.
  • Domain tester can think out of the box and take one step ahead, to make the application more secure and robust, can suggest ideas to improve the application and make it more user-friendly.
  • Domain tester can train the testing team and also can interact with the client during requirement gathering.
  • Domain knowledge provides many other career opportunities apart from testing. Many times it has been seen that domain tester start acting as Business Analyst or are hired as a Business analyst in the organization.

Disadvantage of Domain Tester

  • If we talk from the organization perspective, Domain tester is costlier to hire which forces the organization to increase the testing budget for the project. Also, they are less in number and sometimes difficult to find out.
  • Also, the scope/options of working with companies reduce when any tester want to stick to the companies involve in testing in their domain only.


Overall we can say that domain knowledge is very important not only in the field of testing but also in the field of DEV, QA, BA, DB etc. Testers without domain knowledge need to understand the requirement from various documents, required frequent interaction with development team, business analyst, customer/ client etc. in order to have complete understanding of the requirement which not only takes too much time and effort but also helps in designing improve test cases for various types of testing which ultimately helps in delivering quality product to client. Owing to all these advantages, testers with domain knowledge are paid more.

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