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Tools that every Tester must know

Screenshot and recording tools that every tester must know

There are many things that testers should learn apart from bug management tools like Jira or Mantis. Tester especially Manual Tester should know how to prepare testing documents, how to take a screenshot and how to record test execution. Though later on with the increase in experience, the tester should learn tools related to Automation Testing, Performance Testing, Security Testing, Database testing etc. Since lots of testing metrics are developed in Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word. So, the tester is required to learn it appropriately. All main testing documents like Test Plan, Test Estimate, Test Cases, Test Execution, Test Results, etc. involve the use of Excel and Word to create it. Apart from these editing tools, this article will talk about other popular tools that every tester must know. 

Importance of Recording Tool and Screen capturing tool

Nowadays companies are using screenshots as well as recording tools in order to reproduce the bug or to have more clarity on the bug, if it is not that much clear in excel sheet, as there might be chances that bug is not reproduced at a later stage. Also, it provides evidence that tests have been executed. The importance of capturing screenshot can be understood from the fact that not only it is done while reporting defect after manual testing but also nowadays automation testing framework is also designed to provide a screenshot on error. Taking a screenshot while reporting the bug and attaching it to the bug report has become common practice nowadays, whether bug reporting is done on bug management tool or Excel.

Popular Recording and Image Capturing Tool being used in market

Many automation tools provide a screenshot on error facility as well as recording facility of executed test case while there are some other tools which are used for capturing screenshot manually and do a recording of executed test cases manually. Some of the recording and screenshot capturing tools that every tester must know are as below:


website: http://camstudio.org/

It is one of the famous recording tools. It is not incorporated with any tool. It is independent and very easy to use the tool and also very light weighted.

BB TestAssistant

website: http://www.bbtestassistant.com/download.aspx

This is another similar tool which provides the recording facility.

Jing – It is also one similar recording application.


website: https://www.techsmith.com

It is one of the tools used for capturing a screenshot, that tester should learn. It is also very light weighted and easy to use the tool. It enables one to capture the required part of the screen being displayed and also add comments and description to the screenshot. It is one of the most commonly used during bug reporting.

Some of the tools that every Tester must know as they move up the Career Ladder

When it comes to performance and automation testing, there isn’t any specific list of tools that every tester must know. However, with a gradual increase in experience one should learn some of the tools to move ahead on a career path. Also, it depends on the organization requirement and tester is required to fit in that requirement by updating his/her skills. Some of the tools that every tester must know include both paid and open source free tool. Some of them are as below:


Selenium is one of the most widely used open source automation tool used in testing and reduces time and effort for large applications. It provides many advantages over the paid tools like supports many operating systems and supports many languages for automation.


Jmeter is light weighted open source tool used for performance testing. Though it does not support the very heavy load, as the paid performance tools are very costly, it works great for smaller application, free of cost.

HP Quick Test Professional/Unified Functional Testing

It is licensed tool used for automating the application. Though it is a costly tool, it is well managed and incorporates many facilities and is very easy to use when compared to open source frameworks.

HP LoadRunner

It is licensed tool used for performance tool. Though it is a very costly tool, it is very well managed and provides very detailed statistical load analysis report. It can be used to put a very heavy load on the application and server and used frequently for sites with high business value.


Jira is a tool that testers should know as it helps in QA tracking, testing, and analysis to be done during test management process required in all cycle of agile methodology.


Mantis is also a bug management tool. Even being open source, it is very simple to use, nevertheless is a very powerful tool.


It is also popular bug tracking tool used wisely by software testers developed by Mozilla.

HP Mercury Center

It is licensed test management tool used frequently for big projects. Though it is costly, a tester should have basic knowledge of it.


SOAPUI is a functional testing tool developed by SmartBear to do web services testing.


Tester should also have basic knowledge of SQL/Oracle.

Though there are many other tools available in the market and it is not must for every tester to learn all the above tools or other tools available in the market, it depends on organization requirement which prompts one to learn new skills or tools to match the requirement. However, it is recommended that testers update themselves with latest tools and technology as they move up on the ladder of their career path with an increase in professional experience. Feel free to provide suggestions and add on to this list of helpful tools that every tester must know.

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